Of Life and Love

Of Life and Love

Five portraits of actresses in their "common" life, seen as women rather than movie stars.

Five portraits of actresses in their "common" life, seen as women rather than movie stars. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Of Life and Love torrent reviews

Rob K (au) wrote: Not a bad movie at all...not sure why the low ratings.

Ben H (it) wrote: "Nothing will benefit health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." -Albert Einstein

Evan H (ru) wrote: this movie was interesting. Not much dialogue and all you see is the twin brothers walking and hitching rides. One of the brothers has sex with a guy so that's the only "real" highlight of this movie. The other brother watches in the bushes, pissed. He then storms off! So what does he later do? Lets an older guy have sex with his brother if he pays. Then storms off and ditches his brother! I mean really! The 2 minute or so cartoon of the two brothers running at the beginning of the movie was pretty cool. It wasn't as good as expected (this movie, I mean.)

Sean D (br) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever!

Joe T (kr) wrote: Awful movie that is drier than a dry roasted peanut

Abbie C (es) wrote: By far the best resident evil film.

Eric B (de) wrote: An underrated disaster flick which focuses on characters and defocuses the destruction porn. However, the CGI and the inconsistent tone might annoy some people.

Sanity Assassin (ca) wrote: completely average in the sense that most of it is crap except the acting and the few comedic moments. about undercover cops involved in football hooliganism with lots of old skool english actors chucked in for good measure

Jeff B (it) wrote: Downright watchable for a Gamera movie. Still, made much, much better by MTSing.

Dennis R (it) wrote: "Try not to puke. You may have to lie in it for a long time."

Jesse F (au) wrote: A nice blend of comedy and action. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker couldn't have been more perfectly cast.

Cody C (ag) wrote: Opens with one of the laziest fake grindhouse trailers I've ever seen. Couldn't in good conscience keep watching after that. If you don't care to put the time into making something like that look plausible, I'm not gonna give you my 90 minutes.

Erwin M (nl) wrote: This movie's absurd. It has a weak story and the special effects are horrible. This was just an excuse to provide the viewer with gratuitous nudity.