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Jessica S (br) wrote: Roxy Hunter and the Mystery of the Moody Ghost is a really good movie for children. I know i loved it!!!

Daniel K (us) wrote: This is a highly anticipated film of its time and personally I believe it lived up to that

Eytan D (ca) wrote: As good as I remember it being. "James and the Giant Peach" is another successful Roald Dahl adaptation. "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", "The Witches", and "Matilda" were all fantastically offbeat, mature, dark but funny stories that children and adults could enjoy together, and "James and the Giant Peach" is no exception. Combine the amazing animated talents of Henry Selick, Roald Dahl's wit, a game voice-over cast (Richard Dreyfuss is a hoot as Mr. Centipede), and the sweet and fun music of Randy Newman, and you have a recipe for a very solid animated children's film.

Andrew L (de) wrote: It's solidly acted and has powerful visuals/music, but the writing is a little shaky. I don't wanna ruin to much but its worth a shot and a second viewing helps.

Luke S (gb) wrote: The narrative is clumsy at times, and the attempts at philosophical revelation fall flat, but this adds up to far more than the sum of its parts. Tsui Hark's operatic direction hits some incredible highs, and Chiu Man-Chuek is almost peerless. The scene where he unleashes his One-armed fighting style for the first time is one of the most joyous action scenes you'll *ever* see. Otherwise, the film resonates the most when it breathes. Tsui Hark depicts a bleak, amoral, and complex world - but it's a pity that the dialogue and pacing can't match the eloquency of the direction. Most telling is the difference between the narrator and the crazed hermit girl. The former inspires far less sympathy than the latter, despite her countless lines of dialogue.

Lopamudra S (ru) wrote: I learnt the best lesson of my life from this movie... yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hain. What really matters is love companionship which is proved when Vijay turns his back on all things material and walks away with Gulabo, hand in hand.

Sean D (nl) wrote: Hit this film for five minutes and immediately run away. Our main actress looks enticing in the first few minutes of the film. Jean shorts and boots forever work. Anyway, going past my superficial crap, the film is compete rubbish. Just complete crap. This random elementary school teacher gets run over accidentally by this girl, who I don't think ran him over because of her being under the influence of alcohol, but anyway he's convinced. I don't know what the deal was back at her house when she realizes he is alive, so she tries to kill him. Then bury him, apparently alive. He apparently has amazing GPS skills and the people of this town are the most oblivious people in the world because this guy eventually makes it back to her house somehow, limping and half dead the whole time. I guess she doesn't bother to lock anything. Because everytime she freaking leaves, she keeps everything open. I'm guessing the same goes for her being at home. She doesn't care either way. Anyway, he has issues and now it becomes a torture slasher horror, dude goes psycho and kills people including his wife. Apparently, all this keeps happening because he didn't take his meds. So this dude is supposed to be the world's greatest teacher, but he is too busy trying to kill everyone. This plot is so bad. The characters are so meaningless including her absolutely empty boyfriend of 2 years. Pass, pass, pass.

Greg W (ag) wrote: wanna be 'indy jones' or 'warehouse 13' but misses the mark by a mile