Oggi sposi

Oggi sposi


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Oggi sposi 1952 full movies, Oggi sposi torrents movie

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Oggi sposi torrent reviews

(de) wrote: Not so good! My brain hurtd

Pavan R (de) wrote: A movie with so much intensity and a great story. The story covers so many human emotions relating to bereavement ,anger , revenge, friendship , forgiveness., etc. Beautifully made with great direction and acting. A must watch

Aaron G (au) wrote: B rated, that is all

Wes S (ca) wrote: Not as good as the first, nor as satisfying. The plot is mostly more of the first film, but with worse characters and therefore more deaths. Not as many chilling moments, and you pretty much know what to expect. Still has a few nice turns though, and it's nice to see Rusty back.

Edward B (it) wrote: A very in depth documentary that breaks down America's economic problem into layman's terms and emphasizes just how big this problem is. The true horror of the situation is that the idiot leaders of the most powerful nation in the world have still not been able to foresee this problem and are not doing anything about it. One thing I know the filmmakers don't want to see is their prediction come true, and hopefully, the right people see this film.

Leo S (ru) wrote: Original short movie of the movie Nine (2009), this one shows a much darker theme with mainly concentrate on 5 and 9 (with the other 7 being killed by the beast already).

Alladinsane1961hotmailcom A (kr) wrote: You've got to be kidding...someone would PAY to see this?

Aram G (jp) wrote: Boring and overrated.

Nyasia J (fr) wrote: Yep. five star rating from me.

Joseph C (it) wrote: Two caveats about this film: it must be watched in widescreen format, preferably in near-HD quality, and, this is crucial, one must hear this film in its 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. Anything less is, well, let me put it this way: the first time I saw this film was on Encore, a rainy day, playing hooky from school, watching this on a standard TV and in pan & scan. No good. These correspond to the two saving features of this epic: its sublime cinematography and an absolutely transcendent score by Horner. I don't think this music can be praised highly enough. Horner crafts a score of Wagnerian proportions with Ring-like leitmotifs -- Siegfriedian heroism, lilting romance, and fire music matched only by John Williams. Glorious. The narrative itself has enough mythic alchemy to keep even the most astute students of Campbell and Jung awake, should the sonorous and visual narratives not be enough. Very pleasurable, highly recommended, especially to those of the sci-fi fantasy persuasion.

rajiv 2 (jp) wrote: another super-inspirational film from dreyer, only this time is about love.,this is very dense philosophically and intense emotionally, a brilliant film !

Emod L (mx) wrote: 49%Great action and effects on the surface along with some fun, corny dialogue, but underneath, Equilibrium is just another one-trick-concept film that really makes no sense.V: 61%

Austin G (us) wrote: I hate that a 3/5 is Rotten for the Audience Score. That needs to change, because this movie is Fresh.