Focused around the August 23rd 1944 coup against Marshal Antonescu, the movie also tackles other topics from the same era such as the Iron Guard rebellion and the execution of political leaders by communists.

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Oglinda torrent reviews

Tim C (mx) wrote: close to unwatchable.

Woo K (fr) wrote: The review I read on E! Online that said "This is isn't High School Musical" and they were correct on that statement. I dare say it was more realistic, had more depth, and had a lot more adolescent/mature humor than all three High School Musical films. I had to say within the first ten minutes of watching this movie, I knew I was going to buy the video when it comes out. The big name in this movie is Vannessa Hudgens who played the Anti Gabriella Montez. This a great movie. You'll have fun.

Henry M (us) wrote: aikamatkustuksen kiemuroita :)

Ric A (fr) wrote: A good foundation was laid out beforehand, but the cast just couldn't carry even the slightest of its intentions. The result is an in between satisfaction between die-hard fans of the game and indifferent bystanders.

Lisa K (ca) wrote: Just fantastic! Words can't even express the beauty and tragedy of this French piece of cinematic art. To think it's carried by an actress who is only 4 yrs old... it's mind-boggling. Absolutely essential.

john a (it) wrote: where can i stream this movie?"

Jonathan H (ru) wrote: Watched this on TV while making the girls' breakfast. Corny and sappy - certainly need a heavy dose of nostalgia and sentimentality to enjoy this musical. Having said that, only delivering flapjacks to the girls pulled me away. I'm a sucker for musicals.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: Some stunning shots of the reminents of Germany after the allied bombing campaign. The magnitude of the damage done certainly had more impact on me than any other element of the film. That said, there was a good level of tension and some nice twists. Not bad overall but not a great example of the genre.

Tera S (kr) wrote: this movie is phenomenal

Cameron G (gb) wrote: Story/Screenplay (30%) - 9/30Cinematography (30%) - 24/30Acting/Characters (15%) - 7/15Production/Costume Design (10%) - 9/10Effects (Visual/Sound) (8%) - 8/8Music (7%) - 7/7Final - 64/100