Oh, God! Book II

Oh, God! Book II

Second 'Oh God' movie has God appearing before 11-year-old Tracy Richards to ask for her help to spread his word and influence over the world which she suggests the slogan 'Think God.' Naturaly, Tracy's divorced parents Paula and Don think Tracy's just crazy and plot to halt her 'heaven-sent' mission to spread God's word. Written by Matthew Patay

God asks a young girl to help spread his word and influence with a slogan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lars P (it) wrote: A movie with almost all the right ingredients that have trouble coming together. At the end a boring failure!

Kristin B (es) wrote: Not good. You're supposed to cheer on Justin Long's character, but you will find yourself completely indifferent to whether he wins the girl (Woods) in the end. The premise is silly and nothing about the film is endearing enough to rescue it from that.

Nick O (us) wrote: I've heard critics say three hours is too far gone in telling a simple love story. They're right. But "Laurence Anyways", the third feature written and directed by 24-year-old Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan, is not a simple love story. It's one fraught with tangles and eruptions and heartbreak. In charting the ten-year relationship of on-again, off-again couple Laurence Alia (Melvil Poupad) and Fred Belair (Suzanne Clment) as both steadily adjust to Laurence's decision to live life as a woman in the decade leading up to Y2K -- and in soundtracking the film with choice cuts from the '90s likes of Depeche Mode, Visage and Craig Armstrong -- Dolan touches on everything from the everyday ecstasies and turmoils of domestic partnership, sexual liberation, ignorance, parenthood and age. Round of applause to Poupad and Clment, who harness the storms raging inside their heads without shutting us out to the raw feelings of passion, uncertainty and regret.Four stars is I think ultimately what I'm gonna give "Laurence Anyways", if not now then sometime in the near future. It's a big movie, and like all big movies it has its peaks and valleys. Dolan is an incredible talent who very soon is going to more expertly match his heart-on-sleeve ambition with something that's more reined in. Not that "Laurence" is a bait and switch. Under all the flaws and temptation, or maybe even because of them, is a brilliant, beautiful beast. (83/100)

John B (mx) wrote: Interesting journey these two guys took to get to the North Pole, definitely makes you appreciate the weather and the terrain up there and alarming at how quickly it is all melting

Mago B (it) wrote: Una cinta que trasmite una profunda melancola de principio a fin, y que vela porque las acciones de sus personajes hablen ms que cualquier otro dilogo; de ah que cuente con entes tan repletos de contenido y tan... vivos.

Patrik J (de) wrote: "I've never seen snakes act like this!"

Addison P (kr) wrote: Was a freakin retarded Green Peace movie... Wasnt scary at all... What a joke...

Daniel A (de) wrote: They keep finding amazing storylines to exploit and make it better every time.

Robert G (us) wrote: The companion piece to 2LDK. Not as good, and a bit too talky and not enough fighting.

Dustin C (ag) wrote: This is one of those comedy's where one guy makes it watchable. Martin Lawrence is funny enough for me to watch this movie and the girl he hooks up with is pretty damn hot.

Sarah P (au) wrote: An interesting look at this kind of situation.

Chris M (mx) wrote: A successful Cuban salesman (Antonio Banderas) gets married to a woman (Angelina Jolie) from the United States who has many secrets about her dangerous past in the erotic drama, Original Sin. This is an unbelievably boring and poorly crafted picture that lost my interest right from the beginning. Michael Cristofer delivers neither an engaging screenplay nor decent direction that at least keeps the audience interested. I thought the editing was very sloppy and made the uninteresting plot not only worse but confusing. Even the people who want to see this picture for the sole purpose of its sexual content between Jolie and Banderas should look elsewhere.

Christopher B (ag) wrote: Mostly predictable with a fair amount of bad science.

Robin P (ru) wrote: YAY! Another favorite to add to my love of period pieces! Jennifer Jason Leigh does a fantastic job as an awkward shy woman who falls for a handsome suitor. This kept me guessing even though I had suspicions. Wonderful!

Rendan L (nl) wrote: Dazed and Confused is a fun take on the 1970s but it's overall aimlessness makes this a film that isn't much of anything. Grade: C+

Denise A (br) wrote: One of the most dumbest movies Johnny Depp has ever made but I still love the man!

George F (es) wrote: Could have been a great horror comedy with four giants of the genre - Lee, Cushing, Carradine and Price - IF they hadn't shot 80% of it in near total darkness! Long shadows indeed! Impossible most of the time to make out anything that was going on! The story seemed really good, as were the four kings of terror...when you could see them!

La P (nl) wrote: One of the best original movies I have ever seen - All movies should be basd on this one... or at least the good ones - Its a world of its one - nothing comes close

Derek S (ru) wrote: This is a delightful film about the joy, pain and confusion of the teenage years. I saw it when it first came out and, having seen glossy Hollywood High School movies like Grease, it was totally refreshing to see real youngsters like me on screen.

Rangan R (nl) wrote: From the streetlight to the spotlight.I know who's the director, but not the actors. Maybe that's the reason the film did not do as expected at the box office. But still theirs performances are not forgettable. Every one of them was amazing, they are the real singers and so the jobs done easily. I mean the filmmaking who understood the story and its characters and delivered accordingly. You might have seen many similar biopics and this is almost the same, but still there's lots to inspire from what you see.Since this music genre is different compared to the todays trend in the music industry, this film quite clearly brings back the 50s, 60s eras for us. So that's how this story appeals to its viewers. It was about the four member music band and their journey through the success and struggles for decades. What inspires is that, they are nothing like we see in todays musicians like drugs and sex stuffs. But the story had its share in those things, which might have been a huge for that time.The family, friends and music, the films very beautifully defines the differences. Between professional and personal life, how they lose grips is what obviously we see regularly in all the musician's biopics, but I'm talking about 50 years ago society and lifestyle. The things are different and how they managed or did they is the film to reveal. I really liked it and I wanted to rate higher, but I was bored a bit because it was a very long film. The pace was okay, so I managed and I think it is worth a watch, but only for the selected audience.7/10