Oh, Grandmother's Dead

Oh, Grandmother's Dead

A story of heritage. All’italiana.

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Magnus X (nl) wrote: A tragic and moving film with great performances by August Diehl as Bernward Vesper and especially Lena Lauzemis as Gudrun Ensslin. Great score by Annette Focks.

Joshua P (kr) wrote: Underrated Popcorn Action Flick. I love Thomas Jane..

Thomas J (nl) wrote: A production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream" wakes a town from their prejudices! Tanner Cohen performs outstandingly! Too bad there is too much "art" for the closed-minded conservatives that would learn and benefit from this movie most! lol Fun movie!

stephen m (kr) wrote: Hilarious, totally outrageously bonkers.

Shaun B (it) wrote: Favereau is okay in this boxing biopic, but has found his stride in recent years as a much more talented director.


Allan C (au) wrote: Here's another critically panned film that I've always kind of liked. What surprised me watching it all these years later is how similar the film felt to the "Silent Hill" video game franchise. Based on a Dean R. Koontz, a town is mysteriously abandoned except for a few police officers (Liev Schreiber, Ben Affleck, Nicky Katt) and couple civilians (Rose McGowan, Joanna Going) and a couple government types called in to investigate (Bo Hopkins, Peter O'Toole). The dark abandoned town looks very Silent Hill-like, which quiet whips snow falling and later featuring (spoiler) some unusual monsters. There's some decent suspenses, some solid performances, particularly form Schreiber as a creepy cop. Director Joe Chappelle never made much of a mark in films, but he did on Television as a regular director on "The Wire" and "Fringe." But to sum up the film quite nicely, I'll quote from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," so in the words of Jay, "Word, b----h, Phantoms like a motherf----r.

Alexander L (de) wrote: Yaknow what... I get it. I get WHY this movie is so beloved. Sure the acting is subpar to say the least and the script is not the most revolutionary thing of all time (Though it didn't need to be) but this is all offset by beautiful direction and sets, an incredible dragon (among the best I've seen on film and without a doubt the most complicated due to its practical effects nature) and a thrilling climax that dives deep underground to a hellish burning lake to a mountain's peak culminating in the special-effects laden battle between magic and monster.Without a doubt worth checking out though there are large portions of the movie one COULD skip. But I'd add it to any monster movie marathon without question.

Sebastian H (es) wrote: Great heist flick, that in the end just drags a bit too long and could have used more logic in the screenplay

Judge L (br) wrote: Redford and Wood shine in this film...Pollack at the Helm does a wonderful job. I really don't like the ending of the film at all....but the writing was on the wall that this one was not going to end happily ever after. Well worth a watch!

Lena T (kr) wrote: Angelina Jolie is perfect for the role as Lara Croft. Great action movie with interesting plot.

Danny R (us) wrote: Based on actual events this a riveting, exhaustive, intelligent and finely detailed examination of the infamous case of the Zodiac killer, who is one of the most notorious serial murderers in U.S. history, he terrorized the San Francisco Bay area in the late 1960s and early 1970s, painstakingly recreated and meticulously directed by David Fincher. It focuses more on the massive police manhunt then the crimes themselves and shows how this frustrating case totally consumed the lives of reporters and detectives alike, especially Robert Graysmith a cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle, superbly played by Jake Gyllenhaal in a compelling performance, he has become so completely obsessed with trying to solve this baffling case, that it has ruin his family life, and the egomaniac alcoholic, drug abusing star reporter Paul Avery, who also is self-destructing because of this case's hold on him, he is played by Robert Downey Jr. in a impressive performance, the Zodiac killer has sent a series of taunting, cryptic letters to their newspaper. The film also follows closely the two investigative detectives David Toschi and William Armstrong in their efforts to bring down this mad killer, they are played by Mark Ruffalo and Anthony Edwards who both deliver outstanding and realistic performances, and John Carroll Lynch gives a truly chilling performance as Arthur Leigh Allen the chief suspect in the Zodiac murders. The cinematography by Harris Savides is breathtaking, and David Shire's score is beautifully haunting. A phenomenal film-work by the extremely talented David Fincher. Highly Recommended.

Hugh J (ca) wrote: Oh man...I wanted to like this but aside from the helicopter battle, there was really nothing good in this. First off, the whole sequence where Bond gets captured, has sex with the female villain, has to save himself from crashing inside of a small plane and make it back to Tanaka took all of what, 5 minutes? What the fuck kind of editing is that? The script sucked too. The girl took out her fucking steak knives and then kissed Bond. He gives up all his secrets and they get it on. Next thing you know, they're on a plane, she jumps out and no tension is built cause he lands the plane like 8 seconds after the girl jumps out of the plane. Then there was the fact that they killed the two female leads only to have another random one show up who you expect to be insanely attractive to compensate for the loss of the other two but isn't. The new girl is fine, I guess, but she's not worth losing the first two so quickly. The second girl's death sucked too. Poison on a string. The fuck? Horrible acting during her death as well. Oh yeah, and quite possibly, the worst ninjas ever portrayed on screen. Tanaka goes through all the trouble to show Bond all the training his ninjas go through which include firing fucking rocket guns and then has the nads to say, "they're good at concealment and surprise". Then when the fuckers actually go at Blofeld's base, they get found out and massacred by the machine guns. And as if that wasn't enough, they rappel into the middle of the fucking base. Nice fucking concealment and surprise there. Ninjas, my fucking ass. They should've just called them what they were, cannon fodder. The ending was pure shit but I will give them their one bright, shining moment. When the horrible ninjas first appear on the volcanotop, it's a complete ripoff of the same moment in the Japanese Power Rangers where all the Red Rangers appear at the top of the mountain. That was pretty badass. But then again, you could just watch Power Rangers cause at least their costumes don't suck balls. Fucking Japans...

Gary K (de) wrote: Surfer teaches old geezers how to score. All the boobs made this film tolerable.

Justin S (ru) wrote: Bald dude kinda funny, get better toward end with all creatures