Oh! My God

Oh! My God

Eun-joo falls for playboy Jung-hwan after he rescues her from drowning, and vows to make him her man. One thing leads to another, and they had a one night stand. Several years later, Jung-hwan is still living the high life while Eun-joo is working as a prosecutor. When they eventually cross paths, she reveals that he's the father of her twins, and tries to make him grow up and take responsibility.

Eun-joo falls for playboy Jung-hwan after he rescues her from drowning, and vows to make him her man. One thing leads to another, and they had a one night stand. Several years later, Jung-hwan is still living the high life while Eun-joo is working as a prosecutor. When they eventually cross paths, she reveals that he's the father of her twins, and tries to make him grow up and take responsibility. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier S (it) wrote: No solo es malita sino que es depresiva, lenta y actuada con la sutileza de una obra escolar, el protagonista es una rata despreciable que hace toda la pelcula cosas despreciables para que lo desprecies cuando no esta ocupado haciendo cosas tontas que te demuestran que el escritor hizo el guin, cobro su cheque y salio corriendo

Jonathan D (es) wrote: THE GISTCharming little romantic dramedy breaks no new ground, but wins major points for not pandering to melodrama, but instead giving its audience an honest, touching, and uplifting little story. Remake of the Italian film Mostly Martha. ***1/2 (out of five) Rated PG (mild language and innuendo).THE FULL SCOOPI am convinced that professional movie critics often will not like something if it is simple, straightforward, and has an uplifting message. Many appear to only like something "edgy," "new," or envelope-pushing. How else can one explain the lukewarm critical reception for the charming little film No Reservations, a romantic dramedy starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eackhart, and Signs wunderkid Abigail Breslin?This is a good "cuddle on the couch" movie. I will stay away from spoilers, but suffice to say that I very much enjoyed this movie for its realistic and thorough approach to grieving, family, healing, and falling in love. On paper, the plot seems formulaic but it works because the three main characters (who admittedly seem like one-dimensional caricatures initially) are all fleshed out subtly and believably as the film goes on.Zeta-Jones is often far too glamorous for me to see her as anything but a sex symbol, but here she gives a solid, very grounded performance. She's both selfish and selfless, confident yet vulnerable, bright but can be ditzy...in short, she's human. Abigail Breslin continues to be the best child actor working today with a performance that is heartwarming, heartbreaking, and very real.Aaron Eckhart (to be seen in The Dark Knight this summer), is extremely likable and charming. His romance with Zeta-Jones plays out without a lot of fanfare, which is why I liked it. It feels like the type of unforced process that happens in the real world. Of course it starts with the standard "love-hate" scenario and near the end there's a crisis that threatens to drive them apart, but to the film's credit, neither cliched plot device occupies a lot of screen time. Instead, the bulk of the drama comes from the more realistic tragedy that brings these three people together. The comedy, as well, plays out more like the comedy that occurs in real life. This is not a knee-slapping, hilarious romantic comedy a la While You Were Sleeping, but it's not meant to be.No Reservations doesn't break any new ground, but it does display the beautiful aspects of our humanity without forcing it. Most romantic comedies are fairly predictable; you know exactly what you're going to get, and if you like the genre (and I do), you are rarely disappointed. No Reservations, however, has the distinction of being a bit more subtle, more straightforward, more real, and carries a bit more depth than most. Like the food the characters prepare, it's very much the same as similar dishes you've enjoyed, only better.

Robert B (au) wrote: Jeuk Sing (Siu-hung Chung and Jing Wong, 2005)Jeuk Sing, released in English-speaking countries as Kung Fu Mahjong, was enough of a success in its native China that it inspired two equally cheap sequels (as I write this in August 2012, you can see the entire trilogy on Netflix Streaming, though how long it will last there is anyone's guess). But, honestly, this cheapie action-comedy is so badly-written and fails to rise above its potential for mediocrity so often it feels just like a typical Hollywood rom-com, only the rom? parts are replaced by mahjong games. Does it work? Not really.Plot: Chi Mo Sai (Kung Fu Hustle's Wah Yuen) is a professional gambler who loses his shirt"literally"in a game and finds himself locked in a cage by a couple of loansharks. He escapes from them and ducks into a local diner to hide out, where he meets waiter Ah Wong (Visible Secret II's Roger Kwok), known by the diner's regulars for his eidetic memory. Chi Mo Sai sees the obvious potential if he can get the kid educated in mahjong, and takes him to old friend Auntie Fei (Rumble in Hong Kong's Qiu Yuen, returning to the screen after a twenty-year hiatus), the Queen of Mahjong, to train. There's more to it than that: Ah Wong is enamored of Cheryl (Fatal Contact's Theresa Fu), an amateur badminton player he passes every day on his way home from work, and Chi Mo Sai concocts a way to get these two kids together......all of which is well and good, except that, well, it isn't. The loanshark plotline disappears into thin air after about twenty minutes, the romantic subplot after about forty. And Chi Mo Sai's lifelong pal, who he gets kidnapped with in the opening scene? Where did he go? No idea. All of this kind of gets swept under the rug as the plot whisks on too quickly for such niceties. Which makes this a fun, fast-paced little comedy, as long as you're willing to ignore the bits that go missing. **

Dina C (ag) wrote: amazing film. A masterpiece of film making

I am A (de) wrote: Ugly movie, story line is unoriginal.

Trevor D (ag) wrote: An occasionally clever teen comedy that can never quite reconcile the biting satire of the first half with the cloying sentimentality of the second. Jena Malone and Mandy Moore are both terrific (with the latter earning one of the film's few winning moments, throwing a Bible while defensively yelling "I am filled with Jesus love!"), but McCauley Culkin's brand of droll detachment is merely dull while Patrick Fugit is never convincing as the heroic heart-throb he's painted as.The film continually seeks to highlight the ironic dichotomy among the fundamentalist Christian right: hypocrisy runs rampant as the people seemingly most committed to Jesus are the ones that seem to forget his advocacy of universal compassion. It's a theme worth exploring, but the takeaway message feels more obligatory than earned--and more than a bit insulting to people of faith-- with the key to being a good person essentially boiling down to "abandon your religion" rather than "live your religion.""Saved!" has its moments, but overall it didn't work for me.

Joetaeb D (it) wrote: The premise is compelling and Williams keeps it watchable. But Bicentennial man is squandered by it's overtly sentimental approach, unnecessarily long length and weak script.

Kevin M W (ca) wrote: Opposites take a forced road trip together (hey, that's the plot to It Happened One Night!) ... will they or won't they fall in love? The idea is here, but the chemistry isn't, though not for lack of trying. Affleck plays the "normal but boring" everyman and Bullock is the kook/free spirit who teaches him about living life. Close, but no cigar.

PJ P (es) wrote: Quite sweet film in the 'due to unforeseen circumstances grumpy lone male ends up looking after small child' genre. A lot of humour in the film is intended to be derived from the fact the five-year-old boy - Kolya - speaks only Russian and the adult only Czech - this does not translate well into sub-titles, although some of the hostility to Russians is apparent in the attitude of the 55-year-old protagonist's mother to the child - a reminder of the irrationality of prejudice for all of us (if a bit predictably simplistic). It's a nice movie, I really enjoyed it, and it looks good - but it is a sad reflection on prevailing mainstream (i.e. American) taste that it was awarded the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 1997 and Golden Globe Best Foreign Language Film for 1996. It is seriously nothing like a good enough movie for that.

Susanna L (fr) wrote: So lame. bad acting... not worth a nickel.

Fraser H (nl) wrote: Magnifique - although I prefer episode 1!

Baurushan J (au) wrote: The story is about a small town who are out to raise funds by building a BMX racetrack and sponsoring a major race. When small-town hero Cru Jones played by Bill Allen goes up against the sponsor's champion Bart Taylor played by Bart Thomas who doesn't play by the rules, Cru who is a infamous biker himself gains popularity whens he enters the race. While the film may be cliche, the bike stunts are amazing. I'm surprised that no one really liked this movie at all. I'm not defending the story because it is pretty solid but don't you dare insult any sports movies in general by saying that it is just Rocky with a twist; I'm starting to see this in every negative review in every sports movie nowadays! Fucking quit it! Rad gets a 9.3/10.

Dawn K (gb) wrote: When the first Muppet re-boot came out, it was good. Funny. I enjoyed it. This one, not so much. It had funny parts ( and Tina Fey was hilarious), but the plot line was slim and it just kind of wore on me after awhile. :-(

Mohammed A (au) wrote: Good resident evil story even better than the movies