Renko, a girl in the sixth grade, is at first unperturbed by her parents' decision to separate. With the companionship of her boyfriend, Minoru, and Sally, a classmate in the same boat, ...

Renko, a girl in the sixth grade, is at first unperturbed by her parents' decision to separate. With the companionship of her boyfriend, Minoru, and Sally, a classmate in the same boat, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chinmay O (jp) wrote: Hilarious. Enjoyed it a lot. To the point and very precise.

Walter K (gb) wrote: Sarah Jessica Parker's character has not grown or matured since the original episode of the series. She is perpetually dissatisfied & retains childish, infantile values that spoil any potential enjoyment of the film. Kim Catrall is a redeeming feature -unfortunately she is grossly underused. The lack of international sophistication portrayed by these women is a sad representation for Americans in general.

Brent C (nl) wrote: Really enjoyed it but found it a little long and disjointed at times.

Mike B (br) wrote: Great Movie! Really Liked It.

Paul P (nl) wrote: I wish they would've given more scenes to Vanessa Redgrave with Peter O'Toole. I got tired of the relationship between O'Toole and Whittaker and especially when it got disturbing. But that's not saying that Peter O'Toole is bad, he's really great in this. And the scenes with him and his old friends are absolutely hilarious.

alan j (nl) wrote: Ok, I get it..but i had to endure 3 hours of my life watching this!!! Slower than thick syrup, this film drags and is acted with minimal flair--- there is very little character development, and most of the film is either someone smoking or long shots of the surroundings...the story supposedly covers about 11 years, but the pacing makes it seem like a couple generations. In my opinion this film is not worth all the praise it has received--- it does not entertain, and the message it conveys could have been delivered in a film half the time with greater effect. See 'luxury car' or 'lost in beijing' and you will pretty much get the same benefit, and enjoy watching the movie in the process:)

Oliver R (br) wrote: One of the secret highlights of this year's Fantasy Filmfest. A compelling story about an escaped murderer and a 13 year old girl. Great acting, a very tense and well filmed escape trip.

Grant S (au) wrote: Not anywhere near Coppola's best, but not bad. Mostly a movie on how war affects those at home, especially during times of tragedy, and the relationships involved. Quite moving, especially towards the end.However, not flawless, not by any measure. Francis Ford Coppola, who gave us three of the greatest movies in history - Apocalypse Now, The Godfather and The Godfather II - plus the excellent The Conversation, is not in his best form here. (In fact, the only time he was in form was in the 70s...). The plot drifts, whole scenes are there for no reason other than padding, there are continuity issues, and the point seems a bit murky at times. Also, the first scene spoils the movie, to an extent, in that it gives away the ending. Remove the first scene and the movie would have been more impactful.Mixed performances. DB Sweeney is a bit weak and unconvincing in the lead role. Best performances come from the old hands - James Caan and James Earl Jones - who give the movie gravitas and feeling.Anjelica Huston is unconvincing and touch irritating in her role.Interesting to see that real-life father and daughter Peter Masterson and Mary Stuart Masterson play father and daughter in the movie.Worth watching for Francis Ford Coppola fans but not a must-see otherwise.

Stuart K (ca) wrote: During the early 1960's, 4 films featuring Agatha Christie's Miss Marple were produced by MGM, and was portrayed by the inimitable and incomparable Margaret Rutherford. This was the first of those films, and it's a wonderfully cheery little detective film, with good performances and good dialogue. Based upon Christie's book '4.50 from Paddington', it begins with Miss Marple (Rutherford) on a train journey from London, and apparantly witnessing a murder on a train passing by. So, she decides to investigate further after the police investigation turns up nothing, and it takes her to Ackenthorpe Hall, which is right next to the railway. She is able to get a job in the hall as a maid, working for the catankerous Luther Ackenthorpe (James Robertson Justice), and she has to find who committed the murder. Rutherford made a wonderful Miss Marple, and although the police dismiss her as a 'dotty spinster', she is very clever and Rutherford handles the detection and humour wonderfully. Complimented with a cheerful score by Ron Goodwin, Murder She Said has a good cast including Thorley Walters, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell, Richard Briers, Peter Butterworth and future Miss Marple, Joan Hickson. ;) :P

Brad E (nl) wrote: Yes the plot is botched but what great songs (esp. dum dum diga diga and chhalia mera naam). The fascinating thing about Chhalia (a little bit Charlie Chaplin, a little bit Cantiflas, 100% Raj Kapoor) himself is his essential pluralism, his friendliness towards people of all religions and social statuses in the midst of the charged identity politics of partition.

Irvin C (ru) wrote: It's been a while since I've delved into the filmography of Howard Hawks, one of my favorite American filmmakers. This one starts Cary Grant as the head of a group of ragtag pilots in an air cargo airline in a fictional South American town. It's not my favorite Hawks film but it's still pretty excellent piece of work. Cary Grant and Jean Arthur are both terrific as is the ensemble of actors playing the different unique characters in the airline (including Rita Hayworth in apparently her first role). Overall, I thought parts of the film are better than its whole and I think Hawks has done better work. But still a must-see for those amazing flying sequences.

Tristan M (br) wrote: Very dark, claustrophobic, and tense movie. I can't imagine what it would be like to dive in caves, I will NEVER do it. The 3D makes Sanctum so much better than 2D, 2D just doesn't nearly have the effect of 3D for this movie. The I understand why some people can't watch Sanctum, because its underwater most of the time in small caves and tunnels. Its a little frightening at times, and hard to watch at others. The ending wasnt to good, how they fought the crazy guy in the cave and lit him on fire somehow. But the rest of the movie was great and I recommend skipping it in 2D and watching it in 3D because its much better. But if your claustrophobic don't even try to watch Sanctum, because you won't last very long.

Jamie A (au) wrote: "Brilliant comedy throughout and the character of McLovin is comedy gold."