Ohm Shanthi Oshaana

Ohm Shanthi Oshaana

Pooja Mathew (Nazriya Nazim), daughter of Doctor Mathew Devasya (Renji Panicker) and Annie(Manju Sathish), is a naughty school girl who loves trends. She has her best friends at her school Neethu (Akshaya), a flirt and Dona (Oshein Mertil), a junk foodie. One day on her routine visit to Rachel Aunty, a wine maker (Vinayaprasad), Pooja comes to know the good side of a love marriage and decides to find a guy for her life. Firstly, she turns to a best figured guy at her school, Yardley, who is well known to all. Later, on a visit to a water theme park, Pooja meets Giri (Nivin Pauly), a graduate, who is into farming and social activities at her village. Pooja falls in love with Giri and believes him to be the man for her life.

A spirited young girl would stop at nothing to get the first love of her life, even if it takes seven years and several heartbreaks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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