Ôinaru gen'ei

Ôinaru gen'ei

In future Japan, a dangerous pollen falls upon Tokyo, endangering its populace. Two people volunteer to become tests subject for a drug that could possibly provide a cure.

The female lead, a postal worker, is shown involved in activities (in two different scenes) which surely would result in her death--jumping off a building and being severely beaten by a gang of thugs. Yet in each case, she's shown in the immediately following scene alive and whole. How can one die when one does not really live?" . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suhas V (fr) wrote: Saw it 20 times.. Dhanush surprises me every time..

Lucas N (kr) wrote: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Sandler's sold out! The once great comedy actor has gone from the heights of the entertainment world with classic movies and being an iconic member of the Saturday Night Live cast, reduced to starring in the visually unappealing, comically terrible, bad acted mess that all conglomerates in this wasteland.

Paul N (fr) wrote: Dour monochrome animation of Czech post-WWII pawn past, seen through stationmaster finding love. Drab, if stylish, slog.

Aaron K (nl) wrote: A great dialogue film that just fills it's runtime. Excellent and interesting performances from Eckhart and Carter.

Anthony K (jp) wrote: He doesn't balk at injecting his own nihilistic leanings into his films (I mean, don't you expect him to?), but nonetheless Werner Herzog is the king of finding fascinating subjects for his documentaries. Grizzly Man seems to run in place at times, but it still captures the portrait of a truly bizarre individual in the late Timothy Treadwell. I haven't seen a character this befuddling and ultimately engrossing in fiction for quite awhile (I suppose the truth is stranger). And his Shakespearean downfall only heightens the drama.I personally think that Treadwell was crazy, but the doc leaves judgment up to the viewer. Regardless, it is a powerful film. 7.6/10

Kyle B (fr) wrote: George Clooney won an Oscar for this?! I love George Clooney and he just gives a better performance each time he roles out something new but wow did they give him an Oscar for the wrong movie. The only character I was remotely interested with was Matt Damon and he did a good job. Plummer, Wright, and Cooper are also good but underused.

Erin P (jp) wrote: Ok movie. But I don't like Hilary Duff.

Shayla M (au) wrote: Loved it!! Luke Wilson is adorable :)

Madeline M (es) wrote: Amateurish and awkward (dialogue particularly) but warm-hearted. And sometimes it's really funny.

Deb S (es) wrote: Ice T 'I'm a businessman, not a gangster and these are my associates' This is your classic tension film fueled on one side (the supposedly "good" side) by greed, and, on the other side, a criminals wish to eliminate all witnesses to their crime. Don and Vince played by Bill Paxton and William Sadler are two Arkansas firemen who, in the process of tackling a blazing building find a crazed old man who hands them a possible treasure map before burning to death. Finding out it might be a fortune in gold stashed they set off for remote abandoned factory in East St Louis. Unfortunately, this also happens to be the same location 'Business man' King James (Ice-T) and his associates use for executions. Naturally, the gangsters want the witnesses dead; and before they know it Vince and Don are trapped in a single room with no obvious means of escape, a hostage, Lucky, who happens to King James's little brother and a homeless man, Bradlee. The race is on, both for the treasure and to stay alive.

Paul O (au) wrote: I like this movie, yes it's goofy and predictable but very enjoyable.

Greg N (gb) wrote: It's like if No Country for Old Men were a comedy written with a Knocked Up sense of humor.

Bill B (ag) wrote: This was a film that I popped in to get he lousy experience of another one out of my head, and it paid off in a big bad way. The film takes place in a small town, where a young woman is heading to a shift overnight at the police station, and a mysterious stranger who is brought in begins to cause all manner of chaos with the skeleton crew involved.Well worth a look if you have the chance.