OJ: Guilty in Vegas

OJ: Guilty in Vegas


  • Category:Documentary
  • Stars:Unknown
  • Uploader:Fakinsai
  • Country:USA
  • Director:N/AN/A
  • Writer:N/A

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Benny K (ca) wrote: This is one of Mr. Murphy 's best performances, and the movie as a whole is ok. A bit predictable, and unrealistic, but still a pleasant watch.All in all, there are worse ways to spend 100 minutes.

Dann M (ag) wrote: Matthew McConaughey stars in the extraordinarily compelling biopic the Free State of Jones. The film follows the life of Newt Knight, a medic in the Confederate Army who deserted to protect his hometown from looters and ended up leading a rebellion made up of deserters and runaway slaves. McConaughey gives an excellent performance and brings a lot of charisma to the film. However, the storytelling is a bit problematic, as it takes on too much; skipping around a lot and working in a subplot about Newt's great-grandson. However, the production values are especially good, giving an authentic look and feel for the time period. And the drama is really intense and exciting. Free State of Jones has a few problems, but overall it's a compelling film about a fascinating piece of American history.

Amy Q (mx) wrote: This movie was rubbish. The story did not make any real sense and was not believable. At some points it crossed into plain irritating.

Amber S (ag) wrote: A story that echoes the mesmerizing stripped down paradoxical simplicity and philosophical complexity of Waiting for Godot.

Ian C (kr) wrote: One wank storyline, a predictable plot, and shit villians. However, Adkins and JCVD = the balls.

Hobie P (de) wrote: Awful acting. Chessy effects. Creepy clown mask. I fucking loved it. This just your typical teen chessy slasher that has the 80's feel to it

Aaron M (fr) wrote: Nanny McPhee is a good family movie which is funny, charming and teaches morals. Its a lovely almost old fashioned tale which captures the imagination. Its colourful, creative and completely harmless. Its not all that satisfying for grown ups yet is bound to put a smile on a little ones face without a worry to the conscience. Overall an innocent little feel good movie which can be enjoyed on a rainy sunday afternoon.

BSH n (us) wrote: "Chill Factor" is the story of a troubled drifter, Skeet Ulrich, a good kid at heart who got in some trouble and ran away from the consequences. In his travels, he makes friends with a scientist , David Paymer, a man with a heavy heart.You see, ten years ago, Paymer - or 'Doc' as Skeet cleverly calls him - invented the worst chemical weapon ever. During a last-minute test of the weapon - or 'Elvis' as Doc cleverly calls it (providing much humor in lines such as "Elvis is approaching the stage" and "Elvis has left the building") the reaction destroys everything within a five mile radius. It also takes the lives of 18 men under the control of Major Brynner (portrayed by thrilling British actor Peter Firth. You may have seen him in the classic film, "LifeForce," a touching sci-fi romance in which Patrick Stewart throws up a bloody alien).Brynner is blamed for the deaths of his men and is placed in jail for 10 years. And that brings us to the present day where Brynner is released and becomes evil. The audience knows he's bad because he glares at the camera when they release him. He doesn't even care about his country anymore, he only wants to steal Elvis and sell him to the highest bidder.In order to do this, Brynner and his crew slit a lot of throats and shoot dear old Doc.But through some miracle, the scientist is able to grab Elvis and outrun Brynner and his crew to the small diner that Skeet works at.Meanwhile, Skeet has been having an encounter with good hearted ice cream deliverer Cuba Gooding Jr. What luck! You see Elvis must be kept under 55 mph - I mean 50 degrees Fahrenheit or else it will destroy all of Montana, and what a loss that would be. So after David Paymer's dramatic death scene, Cuba and Skeet are off on a fantastic adventure. They struggle to keep Elvis on ice as they traverse the countryside (although you may notice that Brynner walks around outside with Elvis in his arms for at least fifteen minutes.)After many extremely tense moments, well, I don't mean to spoil it for you, but the good guys do what they normally do and the bad guys do what they normally do. And as Cuba and Skeet laugh about their ordeal and the credits begin to roll, you can almost hear a sigh rise through out the crowd - a single word on the tip of everyone's tongue. "Ridiculous""

Timothy A (kr) wrote: A visually stunning and relatable tale of quiet domestic rebellion. For all it's reputation, this contains probably Judy Davis' most restrained performance ever, and is all the better for it.

Peter W (nl) wrote: This artsy film disguised as a exploitation film us alright, It has one of the best dream sequences involving a clown ever.

Sue R (es) wrote: If you expect it to be cheesy and just enjoy the film for the entertainment value, you'll enjoy it - I did.