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Okkadine torrent reviews

Robert D (ca) wrote: Indian zombies! The Ford brothers pull off another tense zombie thriller. This time they move the zom action from Africa to India. Think about how terrifying a zombie outbreak would be in a country with a population as dense as India. If you thought the Earthlink customer service agents were barely alive when you called them for help, wait until you see them here!

Juan Jos G (mx) wrote: Sin pena ni gloria... eso si muy interesante la idea de un fan por hacer un documental asi...

Brandon G (gb) wrote: This movie is powerful and thought-provoking. I think everyone should watch it if for no other reason than to have a better understanding of what drone warfare is.

Chase H (jp) wrote: Tyrese is a good actor and ilove Singleton's films. iespecially liked seeing Tyrese as a man instead of a boy like he was in Baby Boy ya know. id love to see Tyrese in more hood movies and movies in general

Christina I (gb) wrote: I watched this movie with the sound off. I intend, someday, to watch it again, with the sound on.

doer t (es) wrote: i read about the producer a warholand...

Andy W (br) wrote: Only gave it 2 as it has 10 pin in it, fart jokes and a pair of tits but not Tara Reid, and a great scene with Vinnie Jones in, otherwise mediocre comedy that is so predictable and finishes crap.

Michael P (fr) wrote: A very low budget indie, a mumblecore film. It had some interesting points & character development and a few nice shots but ultimately this was just a boring film and felt really long. It does show some of what its intention is of showing how technology can both bring us together and isolate us.

Susan R (fr) wrote: Absolute rubbish, such a disappointment nothing like the TV show

Dena S (au) wrote: The acting was bad and the dancing was below average unlike other dance movies but i'm very proud that the girl dancing is rad and canadian!