This joyous celebration of frontier life combines tender romance and violent passion in the Oklahoma Territory of the 1900's, with a timeless score filled with unforgettable songs. Rodgers and Hammerstein's hit Broadway musical.

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Oklahoma! torrent reviews

Courtney K (kr) wrote: ohmygoodness, haha; it's what you'd imagine it being. it actually wasn't terrible -- but then the bedroom scene with the girls happened & i thought "oh my, here we go". & then the bathroom scene happened. it's cliche & perfect for stupid movie lovers.

Mike W (jp) wrote: I thought it was a bit more suspensful then the first, also....it explains a lot more about the asylum then the first one did. It even makes jokes about it's prequel

HungYa L (ca) wrote: Hmmm, probably a totally unnecessary part III but i guess in this day and age, it seems almost mandatory to make a trilogy. I would like to go back to the first one.

Josh W (br) wrote: This is a nice story of the early years of the legendary Ip Man. Nice story here. Wish Sammo and Yuen Biao had larger roles, but it's good seeing them. Some pretty nice fights especially the final fight. Not as good as the Donnie Yen Ip Man movies, but still good.

Andrianna O (nl) wrote: James Franco is the main character....enough said.

Jude P (ca) wrote: Very much underrated but a true crime thriller (Biography ?)

James D (us) wrote: Love showing this film to people who have never seen it. It is a cult classic and an instant favorite, If you are any sort of rock and roll or rockabilly fan you will love it. Lot of big stars before they were. Recently i realized it was the second half of the wizard of OZ Imagine a move that began with the flying monkey attack...

Marilena G (es) wrote: It's a classic for a reason. Definitely a must-see.

Bill B (ca) wrote: Score only reflects the Mystery Science Theater version, as the film itself is asinine.Worth a rental for the MST3K version though.

Catherine T (fr) wrote: I can't wait to see Nick Jonas in this movie! It's going to be amazing!