Ola tha pane kala

Ola tha pane kala


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Huw G (ag) wrote: Not entirely believable characters, but probably more engaging than strict realism would be.

Anthony K (ca) wrote: Lethargic and poorly paced, I'm thinking this movie just hasn't aged very well(?) While Gus Van Sant clearly has something to say, the message gets lost in a haze of boredom - brought on by intentionally rambling long shots. There are a good five minutes where the camera rests statically on a small CRT TV showing Triumph of the Will. Seriously

Andrew S (au) wrote: Crazy storyline which seems to work. Some nice gun to fun standoffs. Can't imagine anyone else starring in this - Travolta and Cage are perfect. Decent direction by John Woo.

Anna Q (es) wrote: Hey look! It's Bitter Reviewer Guy!

Elliott B (mx) wrote: Brilliant! Here again children is what animated movies used to be. Only wish I could have seen this when I was younger. Anthropomorphism....defined and perfected.

Scott C (ru) wrote: Dario Argento is a master of horror, so I thought this would be worth checking out. I'm glad I saw it, but it still fell flat.

Thomas B (br) wrote: ****It has an interesting story, good acting from all involved, and some great action. Harrison Ford really is great as Jack Ryan. It's a typical Ford film, and that basically means it's brilliant.

Anand K (br) wrote: boring. no drama. just drags.

CodyCarol R (br) wrote: This is an amazing movie for adults and teens. Based on a true story, the movie draws you in and leads you through a very compelling drama to a surprising conclusion.

Jonathan F (de) wrote: Fun family movie, but too much laughing. They look (and sound) drunk as a skunk.