With no clue how he came to be imprisoned, drugged and tortured for 15 years, a desperate businessman seeks revenge on his captors.

After being kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years, Oh Dae-Su is released, only to find that he must find his captor in 5 days. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily B (ru) wrote: I'm embarrassed to admit that my eyes were halfway closed for a large portion of this horror flick, but I have a feeling I wouldn't find it nearly as terrifying the second time through. While there are a lot of suspenseful jump-out-of-your-seat moments, the premise doesn't leave much of a lasting impression. (Which is probably in my favor.)

Tamborah T (kr) wrote: Want to see it again. I was young but I still remember the Pakistan vs Englad ...

Pam N (ag) wrote: Although Victor Rasuk was in this movie, I have to say it was a little slow and a little unoriginal. Although the movie made some good interesting points, all in all, it needed a little more.

Stephen K (us) wrote: Morvern Callar is a strange little film that felt more like little a series of events rather than a complete story. I wanted more answers to my questions. Perhaps that is why I was intrigued watching this. I will give Samantha Morton much credit in this tale. A woman who continues to blow my mind in anything she does. She's one of the best out there!

rocknblues 8 (ru) wrote: Terry O'Quinn performs, but the rest of the cast is mediocre at best. It's probably a good thing that Meg Foster doesn't get in any movies anymore. She doesn't have anything to offer in the looks or acting department. The movie is basically a remake of the original film, but it's poorly written and the ending is pretty quick and forgettable.

Art S (mx) wrote: Cagney really did have that star quality and he easily carries this exciting tale of FBI agents ('G' Men) trying to stop a ruthless bank-robbing gang. It's another variation on the "street kid turns cop" legend with Cagney being raised and having his education paid for by a notorious bootlegger who wants him to follow the straight and narrow (initially as a lawyer, but when his FBI friend gets bumped off...). Director Keighley keeps things rip-roaring, especially at the end when the G men are allowed to carry tommy guns and the whole place gets torn up. I'm sure this was a crowd pleaser in the 1930s and it's still a great romp.

Nathan C (ca) wrote: I see, Every Aardman film has good reviews, but i don't know why, The population to this is 60%, Nobody in my class liked it but i didn't see it with them, I saw it with my dad!He thought it was rubbish, Even Staring at a barbie doll for 88 Min. would be a better animated movie than this.Score: 0.5/10Yes It's That Bad!

Luciano G (br) wrote: This isn't a horrible horror film.... it has it's moments but if you are not a fan of gore than this film really won't have much to offer you ...