A two character movie, involving a college professor, John, who is confronted by a female student, Carol, who is failing his course. The two spend a long time talking to each other, during which time John says a few things that can be taken the wrong way. After the night the two spent talking, John is slapped with a sexual harassment accusation by Carol.

Student Carol visits Professor John to discuss how she failed his course but the discussion takes awkward turn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francis H (de) wrote: People may hear of the subject matter of this movie and use it as an excuse to not give it a fair chance. But I guarantee, if you go into this movie with an open mind, it will captivate and thrill you more so than you could have expected.

Sherry (es) wrote: Watch who you befriend, A cutt and slash and yes there will be Blood.

Sebastian S (de) wrote: Great scenery and glimpses of traditional Nepalese life. Simple, formulaic plot.

Kate B (ru) wrote: Lots of violence and action! Loved it!

bill s (ca) wrote: Murphy's last big hit and rightfully so.

Dean B (gb) wrote: One the best movies I've ever seen...

Pieter M (mx) wrote: Wads 'n okay love story want ek like nie juis Britse movies nie

Mya G (mx) wrote: Formulaic "let's put on a show" premise? Check. Utterly predictable plot? Check. Show-stopping performances by Judy Garland and Gene Kelly that make you feel happy to be alive after a long week of soulless office work? Check check check! Highlights include Kelly's brilliant solo dance with a newspaper, Garland's performance of "Get Happy" and an exuberant dance-off between the two. Brimming with energy and classic MGM musical charm. Formulaic, yes - but a what a great formula.

Lucy R (nl) wrote: interesting cause it was shot like 6months after the seige ended,, didnt like the main character tho...bit of a dick. a pretty strange sort of movie,, seemed low budget yet had some big names in there....