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Tony B (fr) wrote: I had seen this when it first came out on DVD; it's a very cheesy yet charming teen film, with some memorable moments, but it's hard to get past the terrible acting and very cliche moments.

Andrew M (kr) wrote: dreadfull Film and ruined a cult classic

Vedrana V (au) wrote: Lol, Carlos Ponce is in it for, like, a scene... :DOverall, entertaining.

Miteal C (ru) wrote: Don't let the old school horror style throw you off. Malefique is, albeit slow, an absorbing movie, and gets most of the elements right: Intrigue, suspense and thrills.

Dan N (nl) wrote: You really need some time to get into this one. The first 30 minutes I found it boring and not very funny. But once I realized the humor of this film, I was laughing on the floor. The whole rape sequence is among the best bits of film I've ever seen. In that scene everything works out perfectly: the actors are great, the humor is just on spot and acceptably provoking. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie (especially the way over the top ending) couldn't keep up with that scene.

Lynda M (br) wrote: Wenders has a lovely way of creating what he thinks , his own pace , look and style. He has away of portray an ugly situation, beautifully and the story flows elegantly.

Carl M (gb) wrote: Brian Stevenson traps the monster under the bed after being blamed for a number of 'accidents' around the house, and the kooky creature invites Brian to join him in the monster world below. At first, scaring kids and living a life without rules seems great, but soon, Brian realizes that he has been lured into becoming a monster, himself! LITTLE MONSTERS is better left to fond remembrances, since the film does not play nearly as well to the older crowds as it does for its intended younger audiences. Howie Mandel performs his third-rate 'Beetlejuice' impersonation as the monster, Maurice, whose wackiness is way more annoying than entertaining. While the story here certainly has potential, the limited budget and shabby production quality take away from the overall enjoyment of the film, although elements of the plot can be seen in Disney's wildly successful animated feature, MONSTERS, INC. Kids are sure to enjoy the sillier scenes where Brian and Maurice play pranks on the other children, but parents be warned.. There are still enough frightening moments in LITTLE MONSTERS to terrify children under 10.

Mats V (jp) wrote: This seems like a mandatory viewing for anybody who wants to become a defense lawyer.

Allan C (us) wrote: Wonderfully melancholy modern day western about about cowpoke Kirk Douglas struggling to lead the simple life of a cowboy in a modern world. Douglas gives one of his strongest performances as John W. Burns, who runs afoul of the law after a simple bar fight with a one-armed man. Gena Rowlands is a real standout in what was only her third film s a woman who cares for and worried about Burns. I think my main complaint about the film is the flat direction by director David Miller, although in some ways I suppose the bland 1960s TV style of direction may unintentionally have compliment the the disconnect between classic westerns and modern fast and quick production values. I also found the film to be a bit heavy handed in it's metaphors at times, but all of that can be forgiven by Douglas' commanding performance, a smart scripts by Dalton Trumbo, and a very strong cast that includes Walter Matthau, William Schallert, George Kennedy in one of his heavy roles. You also have Bill Bixby uncredited as a helicopter pilot and Carroll O'Connor in his film debut as a truck driver. Top it all off with a great score by Jerry Goldsmith, who got his big break with this film based on a recommendation from Alfred Newman who was a fan of Goldsmith's TV work.

John B (br) wrote: Almost like a female version of a Little Rascals plot, Three Smart Girls is the brainless fodder of its time. Despite the charms of the actresses involved, the plot seems ultimately very silly. Good enough to warrant a sequel however.

Jake P (nl) wrote: At times I liked it and other times I was bored but overall it's a nice simple movie.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Rathbone and Bruce do justice to Conan-Doyle's characters once again in another good mystery.