Om lives in Bombay, India, in a small apartment with mother and sister. Om and his mother are of very conservative taste, when it comes to wearing clothes, however, the sister is not. This gets her in trouble, and she is raped and killed. The police register this case as that of a suicide, and produce a note purportedly written by her that blames her mom and brother for her death. Om's girlfriend, Sandali, comes to know that his sister's death was a homicide, and this sets Om off in a wild rage to find out who the killer(s) are, and why they would commit this heinous crime; and the role of the police who claim that her death was a suicide

Om lives in Bombay, India, in a small apartment with mother and sister. Om and his mother are of very conservative taste, when it comes to wearing clothes, however, the sister is not. This ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David B (de) wrote: A cynical/dark comedy version of "The Breakfast Club" that never really defines itself. I am not sure what they were aiming for here a dark comedy, a social commentary, or a horror film. If that was the case it wasn't scary nor was it funny. The plot is completely disorganized, filled with hard to follow flashbacks, loaded with stereotypical characters, & filled with many 80's references. In fact the flashbacks are so convoluted that they are basically another plot in of itself. The directors had a mediocre script that produced one of the worst films I have ever seen. The film is too smart for itself & outdoes itself at the end of the movie. Judd Nelson's cameo was so flat, that I did not even realize he was even in this movie until I read reviews on Red Box. If you are going to do a remake of a 1980's classic teen drama, then you better bring at least your B game or maybe even your A game. Do not bring your D game & pass this off as a good movie. People are smarter than that. I will give you the ending, because you will never understand the plot anyway. The whole thing was basically an experiment that could be turned into a book or movie to make money by Judd Nelson's character & the character Veronica. The rest you can't even figure out. There were aspects of the ending that I liked, but it did not fit the script. Please do not lecture me about society when you have a plot that no one in their right mind can even understand. Were the parents of these rich brats in on it? Who cares. The only redeeming quality this film had was the performance of Augie Duke as Veronica. She was really good, otherwise I would have given this zero stars. The other actors had talent but it was wasted here. The cast was totally miscast in this trainwreck. Duke definitely has a future in Hollywood. You know its going to be bad when the high point of the film is the first 10 minutes. I hope Phase 4 Films has more to offer than this material.

Kandis A (fr) wrote: An ok movie, the plot was lacking in some areas

Carlos I (ca) wrote: Alright. Remind me why everyone says this is so terrible? Cuz they're full of shit. It's actually a pretty cool, effective horror/sci-fi/action movie. I love the respawn/first-person mode sequence lol. What more could a Doom fan expect...?

Zachary Y (jp) wrote: yes, Idlewild is a jumbled mess of a plot that is overly saturated in stylistic pulp but the interpretation of several iconic Outkast tracks is marvelous.

Jeff S (jp) wrote: Having Kid Rock as one of your actors should say enough

Lea C (jp) wrote: Do you know anything about the specific persecution of gays during the Holocaust? Watch this.

Alex W (ca) wrote: Quirky independent and funny hidden jem. There is a little wes anderson feel to this movie in the way its written but a little more dark and dirty. A good amount of interesting ideas and characters with there own uniqueness. Ad a tiny dash of Neapolitan dynamite and you have a somewhat aehead of its time adult quirkady.

Simon D (mx) wrote: The original Football Hooligan film about an undercover cop who infiltrates a hooligan gang and rather takes a liking to the lifestyle.

Marcos F (gb) wrote: Esto es su propio genero, no hay nada con que compararlo.

Michael T (au) wrote: Stylish, extremely violent and not a bit believable.

William W (mx) wrote: The title is false--there is only one captive woman. Also, I have never seen a so-called hero sleep so much in my life.

Kristy M (ru) wrote: It was good until the boyfriend came in and started talking about having the girl raped by her pet dog. I couldnt stomach this crap and turned it off. I hate that kind of shit.

Nell A (ca) wrote: In spite of cliches and the found footage genre being chewed up and spat out, this movie holds enough good jumpscares and little originalities to entertain you well.

Tye W (us) wrote: This movie is absolutely terrible. Right off the bat, while I can't pin it down, something about the animation feels... wrong. It felt weird to watch and it made me uncomfortable. Next thing I noticed was this movie's plot was basically a game for writers to see how many cliches they could fit into one movie! And when that's not it, it's a ripped off feature from a popular movie! I spent half the movie correctly guessing what happens next, and the other half trying to avoid getting any connections with the characters who have no original qualities! One of the worst parts about the movie were the lemmings, which were like if the rabbids and the minions had a bunch of babies and dipped them in an invincibility potion! No, they'd be better than these! Never watch this movie!