Om Dar-B-Dar

Om Dar-B-Dar

A carefully constructed nonsense about a teenage boy named Om in a small Indian village.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cult film,  

A carefully constructed nonsense about a teenage boy named Om in a small Indian village. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Om Dar-B-Dar torrent reviews

Maria Fernanda F (gb) wrote: great soundtrack by jenny lewis <3

Annie C (gb) wrote: Filled with many beautiful moments. I wanted to watch this for so long and I finally did. I think it's amazing.

Ignatius R (ru) wrote: Caricatures of every stock type seen through the eyes of a racist director, script-writer, and studio, all through the prism of peddling stereotypes. Embarrassingly bad cheerleader 'drama' about a white girl who wears camo and corn rows in order to fit in the 'hood. A minstrel show that would make Al Jolson proud.

Drew R (ag) wrote: I truly enjoyed this film, despite the dark subject because it has some great performances, good heart, clever quips, and doesn't glorify suicide.

Janine S (mx) wrote: Great original, quirky movie. Loved it! And GREAT soundtrack to boot! :)

JD (kr) wrote: Yes Matthew Perry was funny and enjoyable in this movie, but honestly the lack of romance and the poor acting performance from Elizabeth Hurley really makes this movie kind of a drag. When I watch this movie I can see Matthew Perry is really giving it his all, but the movie just doesn't work and the reason for that is because this movie is way too cliched, horribly written and not at all romantic and it's suppose to be a Romantic Comedy. I was honestly going to rate this movie a much lower rating but since Matthew Perry gave it his all I'll give this movie some slack.

Del H (kr) wrote: There are virtually no cinematic merits, but that's not the point. This is a wonderful, warm, and happy movie with an uplifting message and an undeniably lovable protagonist.

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: Remeber seeing this as a second grader for a field trip to the movie theaters and then last night saw that my mom had it and decided to re-watch it. (In second grade I was so bored out of my mind watching this and the fact that the film melted twice while we were watching it didn't help any.) So the new conclusion...crappy acting, annoying repeated Osmond song throughout the entire movie, cheesy storyline, made for a movie that had a happy ending albeit very very predictable one. Don't think this one will be watched again by myself.

Dave J (it) wrote: Thursday, August 4, 2011 (1983) Gorky Park MYSTERY Emotionless John LeCarre adaption of the same name which was made, just after the Cold War which the setting is Russia involves the discovery of three bodies with faces that're carved out and William Hurt as the Moscow police searching for answers with very few moscow officers assisting him, like two for instance! Similar to "Cop Land" with Sylvestor Stallone and Harvy Keitel! A movie that doesn't really have a mystery and no suspense, no clues but with one unemotional scene after the next. Russia is a gorgeous place to look at, but looks so depressingly dreary here! I can get more excitement watching paint dry than to sit still watching this! 1.5 out of 4

Paul B (fr) wrote: Most people I know hate this movie, but I just can't stop laughing long enough to chastise them. Yes there are some slow parts, I know, but I'm a sucker for ultra corny comedy and this movie has that. The parody of JAWS is hilarious and there are plenty of quotes spread thoughout the movie. Take it for what it is, a ridiculous horror parody, and enjoy>

Tom S (br) wrote: Black Mama, White Mama started off with a lot of promise. Better composition than most exploitation films, better story potential... but as soon as it stopped being a prison flick and moved into being a fugitive flick it became dull. Sure, it had its moments... most of them featuring Sid Haig... but overall it was pretty lackluster once the prison scenes were over. At least the way it ended showed that it had some balls.

Richard C (ru) wrote: great fun with dark undertones. the boxing match is a hoot. recommended.


Evan H (au) wrote: It has its moments but tries too hard to be funny. I liked the four main characters and how the actors portrayed them. The script was pretty unbalanced as was the editing. It's pretty inconsistent. I wish this movie wasn't as blatant as it was. When KISS finally shows up in the movie it's very brief!

Ellie L (it) wrote: seriously... psycho bitch

Bruce B (fr) wrote: I've seen about a squillion movies (yes, that's because I'm old), and this was one of the better ones of this genre. As heist movies go this was better than Heat & the updated Italian Job. Probably not as good as The Sting or, even, Ocean's 11, but hey; few will be. I would place it on par with Ronin, I think. You just had to get used to seeing the African American actors in the leading roles opposite Matt Dillon. Since I'm of that demographic, it wasn't too hard for me. I didn't even mind the shaky camera work, Chris Brown, or T.I.'s acting that much. It was novel to see two fly brothers get such big roles. I thought they did rather well. Did you ever see Keanu Reeves in anything? T.I. & Brown were better that Keanu hands down. And who knew Chris Brown could run a parkour route? He carried that off rather well, I thought. Even young Vader did a good job. This flick is pretty much a pastiche of other heist movies, but lets face it; if you're going to rip off other people's work then at least do a decent job, right? Mission accomplished. I hope Idris Elba and Paul Walker do a sequel. Elba and Walker worked well together and Elba has true leading man charisma. Certainly more than Keanu, Tom Cruise, Michael Madsen, or Sylvester Stallone; all of whom still get leading roles for some reason. 4 Stars 3-22-14

Steve G (mx) wrote: Cagney taking over! Probably the best movie about Broadway/vaudeville I've seen.

JeanAntoine B (it) wrote: An emotional movie with a lot of flashbacks. We learn the story in a different way in order to feel the pain of the mother the children and the hsuband's best friend. It was pretty good and very sad in some parts