The movie starts at the 1998 bomb attack by the Real IRA at Omagh, Northern Ireland. The attack killed 31 people. Michael Gallagher one of the relatives of the victims starts an examination to bring the people responsible to court.

An examination of the aftermath of the 1998 Real IRA bombing that killed 29 people in Omagh, Northern Ireland. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig L (ru) wrote: Arent personal relashinships rather trite? they didnt even fuck

familiar s (au) wrote: After an excellent start, the movie failed to work for me as it went ahead. It just kept on getting worse. It's indeed an engaging thriller (based on real events) till it transforms into some sort of soft porno. The story didn't require this extent of graphic scenes, but that's my opinion (which highly matters, if not hardly). Besides, the time-stamp failed to work as a smart distraction. The twists are too predictable to be shocking; in fact, the effectiveness is negative. All that said, Denden's performance is incredibly superb. He holds it up amazingly even as the script falls apart.Won't be unfair to say that it's a terrific flick that goes terrible as it unfolds. Of course, just my opinion. Feel free to differ.

Jamie C (au) wrote: First of all even though the idea was pretty good it is so over the top and not really necessary and the more the film goes on the more silly it gets, The acting wasn't great and the ending was pretty poor, But it gets three stars for trying something different.

Stephanie B (kr) wrote: David Tennant, never fails. He proves once again, that he is not just a handsome face. This man can act! Bringing so much emotion to this drama. This had me on the edge of my seat, it can make you smile, and make you cry... well worth the watch.

Alberto G (fr) wrote: Easily forgettable suspense flick. Was never able to create a genuine feeling of despair or anxiety. Wes Bentley is creepy in anything he does, so no surprises here. I was surprised by some truly gory scenes, but that was not enough to make a movie out of this. This has been done before.

Gear W (ca) wrote: An utter piece of shit. The movie is filled with more innuendos than you could believe, the story is nonexistent, it's not funny, and the animation is so fucking awful it could have easily been done in Garry's Mod.If I could rate 0, I would.

Eric T (it) wrote: Coming from a big fan of older wrestling, I think this is a good thing for fans of UFC to see, to prove that wrestlers ARE tougher than mma fighters. A wrestling life is not an easy one to live, and this movie certainly shows that.

Ricardo R (nl) wrote: The only thing playing that's not news at the hotel room. Hilariously bad!

Ryan C (au) wrote: I've loved this movie since I was young and til this day, Ed O'Neill still delivers the laughs!!

Brad S (gb) wrote: This one was just ok. Decent, but not great. The cast kept me watching, but I found the story weak. Certainly not one of Allen's best, but worth a watch for fans of his work.

Paul D (nl) wrote: An excellent film trying to prove love is stronger than ideology.

Zachary C (nl) wrote: This gorier, sexier take on the Creature from the Black Lagoon motif (a monster who is sexually attracted to human women and will kill any human men who stand in its way) is a underrated gem. Released back in the free-wheeling, no-holds-barred days of 1980, Humanoids from the Deep first found its fans in drive-ins and urban grindhouses. The eventual VHS release exposed this classic to audiences who hadn't made the trek to theaters to see it. Now, Shout! Factory gives us the definitive release of Humanoids from the Deep.The town of Noyo, California (that's up in the northern half, in Mendocino County) plays host to this tale of hormonal monsters lusting after human women. When DNA-enhanced salmon escape into the ocean and are consumed by other, bigger species of fish, they transform into lustful beasts wanting to mate with human women. This sleepy village soon finds its populace at the mercy of these creatures. It's up to dedicated scientist Susan Drake (Ann Turkel), manly fisherman Jim Hill (Doug McClure, no stranger to fantastic cinema), and proud Native American Johnny Eagle (Anthony Penya) to end the monsters' reign of terror.Let's start with the film's most effective facet: the monsters. The designs are so detailed (Check out those exposed bulging brains!) and lifelike, it's almost hard to believe that they were handiwork of a novice Rob Bottin (Then only 21 years old). These fearsome beasts are the things that nightmares are made of; they stalk their prey in the dark, underwater, and in the woods. One can almost sympathize with these monsters, as they simply want to continue their race by mating with human women.Acting-wise, all the principals put their working shoes on and never fail to achieve what they set out to do. Ann Turkel is both pretty and precocious as the doctor determined to discover the source of the monsters and how to destroy them. Doug McClure makes for a commanding, take-no-prisoners hero. Vic Morrow is appropriately slimy as the bigoted human villain Hank Slattery. Pena does fine as the sympathetic Eagle, wrongly accused of slaughtering all the townspeople's dogs when we know the humanoids were responsible. The supporting players account for themselves very well. Cindy Weintraub in particular is outstanding, as she develops from a maternalistic housewife into a raging defender of her home when the creatures invade. Denise Galik, Lynn Theel, Linda Shayne, Lisa Glaser, and Amy Barrett all satisfy the pulchritude department. It's always refreshing to see naturally beautiful women with few or no artificial enhancements so common in today's crop of manufactured screen sirens.James Horner checks in on Humanoids from the Deep with one of his earliest scores. It's full of the ominous riffs and resounding cues that later became his trademarks. As with most Roger Corman productions, several notable behind-the-scenes personalities got their feet wet on Humanoids from the Deep. Besides Horner and Bottin, we've got contributions from editor Mark Goldblatt, SFX make-up assistants Shawn McEnroe, Kenny Myers, and Steve Johnson, first-unit/second-unit assistant director James Sbardellati, SFX designer Chris Walas, and production assistant Gale Anne Hurd.The best part of Humanoids from the Deep is that it cuts right to the chase. We see the monsters regularly, either in head shots, full body shots, shadows, hand and arm shots, and medium shots. It doesn't take very long for the action to get rolling. The various explosions, monster attacks, and intimate interactions between the monsters and the human females are well placed. They neither overwhelm the viewer to the point of overkill nor take long to happen.Finally, I must address the issue of the controversial monster-human sex scenes. Nothing is pornographic about them, although they're certainly not for young children, prudes, the heavily religious, or the overly feminist. As I said earlier, you can't help but feel sad for monsters who don't have females of their own to make some sexy time with. The sex and rape scenes are long enough to amp up the sleaze factor, but thankfully not to the degree that they become monotonous. I personally don't mind a helping of gore, sex, and nudity in movies, but it's got to be done effectively. Humanoids from the Deep succeeds in all these points.I can't recommend Humanoids from the Deep highly enough. It's got badass monsters, buxom babes, a lot of interesting behind-the-scenes personnel, an unforgettable ending, and some credible performances. Feel free to dive in the ocean and soak up with this aquatic cinema delight. Just don't rile up the humanoids now!

Katherine B (it) wrote: It Sam Peckinpah, so you just KNOW it's going to violent, with a seriously awesome cast. Seriously, go look at who's in it. Based on Willi Heinrich's gritty novel, which is a page turner.

Lukas M (de) wrote: First movie with Jet Li. He was like 19 years old in it :)

Igor K (de) wrote: Jesus and Cadillac in one sentence which comes out from the mouth one of the preachers summarizes the essence of their work. Let's talk about Jesus so that I can earn my new car. A very important documentary indeed how intelligent people like Marjoe can play on people beliefs and convince them that thay have been "revealed and liberated". Marjoe without any evil intention, before his "shows" explains the tricks of the trade of evangelist preaching, and them delivers them in a shown. This is an amazing stuff to see how people are easily fooled and tricked to get their 10-20 dollar bill out. Everybody should watch this to question their logical mind.

Cathy Ann M (it) wrote: Long before Student Bodies was released in the early 80's there was Comedy of Terrors. It's one of my favorite comedies. It so silly but a lot of fun. It's great to see Vincent, Peter, Boris & Basil making fun of their horror icon image:) Boris steal the show as Vincent's senile father in law. Cleo the cat is a great addition and is very funny as is Vincent's wife Joyce. She sings like a nightingale. LOL! I heard they were going to made another comedy but within a few years after the release Peter, Boris & Basil passed away. Would have loved to have seen another comedy with them.

Al H (mx) wrote: Bad but Almost good.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Susan Strasberg is the reason to watch this film, Henry Fonda and Christopher Plummer mainly provide the love interests and are woefully underused in terms of their acting talent, Strasberg however gives us a whimsical romanticist in love with her profession - innocent, but not naive.

Mark P (nl) wrote: A strange and interesting British film. Another that affects the subconscious more than anything. A film about a mystery but is more a sombre moody character film.