Ombak rindu

Ombak rindu

Izzah a simple kampong teacher is sold to a brothel by her uncle on the pretext that they need money for her Aunt's surgery. Her first customer is Rich playboy Harriz whom she begs to marry her and take her out of the rat hole. He marries her, brings her home, the only good deed he has done in a long time. Unknowingly he falls in love with her, and wants to break his engagement to childhood family friend Mila, but due to family pressure has to marry Mila. Thus begins the triangle of a saga which entangles three lives into a myriad of emotions.

The story starts with Izzah, an orphan girl who lost both parents due to road accident. Thereafter, her uncle, Taha, took her in. Taha's wife was not happy with Izzah's presence and accused... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas K (us) wrote: A bit of a weird movie - we still don't quite get the message and there is nothing that emphasizes Iceland....

Brett H (nl) wrote: Cliched, predictable, and not the least bit scary, this is the second Bigfoot, found-footage horror movie I've watched and Willow Creek is vastly superior with likable characters and an actual sense of dread. This film wastes no time thrusting you into the action and it doesn't take long for Bigfoot to start terrorizing the characters, only you see him WAY too much and he loses his scare-factor rather quickly. The characters all suck and you don't care if any of them survive, and it becomes very easy to predict who will die next. It picks up some momentum near the end with a scene involving a trailer, but the goodwill is swiftly tossed as the movie ends on an extremely anti-climactic note. Being directed by one of the helmers of The Blair Witch Project I expected more than a run-of-the-mill monster movie that features no scares and not one character to care about.

Deb S (ag) wrote: Rachel and Theo are red headed twins who share a telepathic link, meaning they are able to communicate without words and on occasion feel what the other feels. After their mom is killed in an accident, they're sent to live with their aunt, uncle and cousin in Auckland, a city built on a string of volcanoes. Theo is hit hard by his mother's death, and abandons Rachel emotionally forcing her to cope on her own. But when the twins discover the creepy people who live across the lake aren't really people but shape-shifting creatures, the mysterious Mr. Jones (Sam Neill) reveals that the twins are the only ones who can save the world from these alien invaders that lurk beneath Auckland's ring of seven extinct volcanoes. It seems that Mr. Jones was actually the only survivor from the last planet these monsters moved into and only he has the knowledge to help save the world from the evil Gargantua, malevolent beasties who are within days of rising up and turning our world into their own personal mud bath but it's up to teenagers to wield the power.

Bill M (ca) wrote: A little light on plot and characterization but full of amazing and frequently insane action, set pieces, awesomely realized production and set design and an often huge scale, master filmmaker Kim Jee-Woon's weird action adventure western is loads of big crazy fun.

Albert S (jp) wrote: Hilarious Scandinavian cinema!

Jonathan H (au) wrote: Not as good as the director's more recent efforts, but still better than most cinema out there.

Jimmy C (de) wrote: Enchan les sujets tabous n'est pas tout, il faut avoir un tout, une histoire, quelque chose qui se tient et qui mne quelque part, quelque chose ou du moins, il faut sentir une cohrence dans la dnonciation ou l'exposition et de a.. On n'en trouve trs peu ou pas dans cet trange film que Franois Ozon livre en guise de premeir long-mtrage. Peu de moyens, je peux comprendre, mais difficile d'expliquer ce que l'on ressent l'coute de cefilm. Oui, du dgot et beaucoup d'incomprhension. Les sujets tabous s'enchainent et finissent par se terminer en pure cacophonie qui ne semble vouloir rien dire. quoi rime tout cela? Dans ce film tout le monde semble tre trahi, des personnages jusqu'aux spectacteurs.

Kai K (es) wrote: I like the ending where they tape up the football player.

Calvin W (br) wrote: One of the many mass produced films that starred Chow in it. The film has it's funny moments..either than that...nothing much.

Al M (au) wrote: An enjoyable late-70s horror anthology, Dead of Night doesn't really hit its stride until the final tale, which is awesome. However, the whole film remains an enjoyable bit of 70s horror based on stories by horror legend Richard Matheson.

Rudy M (jp) wrote: It was time for me again to watch a pre-9/11 movie. A comedy even. There's just something about 1990's movies from America. There's some kind of carefree innocence that you just miss in more recent productions.Liar Liar is of course a well-known Jim Carrey film. At the director's seat is Tom Shadyac, who has worked with Carrey on several occasions and shows the capacity to reign Carrey in more often than not. Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur are responsible for the writing, which is mostly excellent in this case.The premise is as silly as it is original: a five year old boy wishes that his dad (Carrey as Fletcher Reede, a lawyer) can't lie 'for just one day'. And of course here the wish comes true. And you can imagine what kind of problems that creates for a lawyer at work and an adult in general.When I heard the little guy mutter those words, I was surprised to hear the 'for just one day' clause. Why on earth would the boy think of it, let alone add it to his wish? I'd think he'd want his dad to NEVER lie again, but hey, I'm a critic, not a writer.It still bothers me now, though. It's as if the writers added that little clause to make it somehow more realistic, more manageable if there's a 24-hour limit? Regardless, it doesn't matter. Not for most of the story, not for the realism. Cause really, a higher power that truly makes wishes come true? I have yet to see it happen outside of movies.Anyway, there are some funny remarks to be made about the reality that existed because of the wish that was granted. You can't really catch a slip of the tongue throughout the movie, even little white lies can't be said by Fletcher Reede. But then again, it seems to be a universal truth that (Max:) "My teacher says beauty is on the inside" / (dad:) "That's just something that ugly people say."Pow! Quite a statement there, writers. If you know what early 1990's Jim Carrey frolicks are like, you get a mostly filtered and stylized version of it here. At times, it's as good as it gets. Sometimes, though, it kinda derails with Carrey getting carried away. (Do you like what I did there?). I prefer the dialogue to Carrey's facial antics, but in general, it's 'very good', bordering on 'great'.Pros: There's a character named Maximilian in this filmCons: goes off the rails a few times.Verdict: Good entertainment.

Ashley W (nl) wrote: Beautiful. Masterful. A film for today.