A seemingly ordinary day ends up changing the lives of three youngsters: Beem, Dan, and Big, who work in a magazine art department. Ending this particular day with a quarrel, each storms home in anger and encounters an unexplainable event. Dan becomes haunted with the image of an old woman standing in front of him. Big feels the wind stronger than ever before while he driving, and a boy selling garlands suddenly pops up in the side mirror, an omen of something...but what? Beem meets a girl- Oam- who appears normal but becomes overly familiar with him so quickly that it seems strange. It soon becomes apparent that one of the trio is destined to die- but who? Can the other two help prevent their friend's death? And what is the connection between the old woman, the garland seller and Oam?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Thai
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Omen 2003 full movies, Omen torrents movie

A seemingly ordinary day ends up changing the lives of three youngsters: Beem, Dan, and Big, who work in a magazine art department. Ending this particular day with a quarrel, each storms ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Omen torrent reviews

Kace C (jp) wrote: Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong [Ting, 2016] Despite the obvious lack in chemistry, it is actually surprisingly endearing. 6/10

Daniel M (ru) wrote: Funny film. Thoroughly entertaining

Claudette A (mx) wrote: Why did I watch this? Because there was nothing else on Netflix. But what the phycologist said is true, these people do what they do because they have no other skills in life.

Charlett S (fr) wrote: Loved it yum yum ??

Julie M (ru) wrote: A beautifully overly dramatic look at how a life can spiral into chaos. I really only rated this 3.5/5 stars because it's too weird and sad to ever watch again.

Bill R (br) wrote: I thought this was pretty good. Bought it about a month ago and finally watched it. I was satisfied with the ending.

Inta K (nl) wrote: pretty interesting movie about sleepwalker who has been stood up by his best friend after he sleeps with his bf wife..

Sunil J (es) wrote: 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' with a heartbreaking twist.

Private U (it) wrote: Les morsures de l'aube. Un bon "polar"

josh m (jp) wrote: Godzilla vs biollante is cheesy and well written.

Dave A (ca) wrote: Such under-appreciated comedic performances by Dreyfuss and supporting cast. A very funny movie that most people haven't seen, but everyone should.

Andr D (br) wrote: La primera pelcula del grupo britnico Monty Python, famoso por la magnfica serie para la televisin "Monty Python's Flying Circus", es en realidad una recopilacin de algunos de sus mejores sketches realizados para la televisin como "la cancin del leador", "el loro muerto" o "el chiste ms mortfero del mundo". Puede ser un sorprendente descubrimiento para los iniciados como un gratificante reencuentro para los "pythonlogos" expertos.

Bloody P (jp) wrote: This movie was excellent! it had a few jump scares that shocked the crap out if me even if I knew they were coming or not. Also, I'm not into exorcism movies too much, but this one grabbed me. I also have attention problems, I can barely watch a at my own home due to getting interested in something else. I sat through this entire movie mezmorizes for the full length!

Neil P (jp) wrote: A nice understated crime noir. Feels a little bit like a well made TV show and as such would happily watch another case for Neeson/Scudder

Darrin C (au) wrote: Yeah, Freddy's bullshit probably went too long before this came out, but they had to end it some way...or did they?

Michael P (gb) wrote: The first half of the film is very well done, brutal and very effective. Sadly, from there the film goes downhill and completely loses direction. The film would have been much more interesting had it simply ended before the final act.