On an Island with You

On an Island with You

A young navy lieutenant is brought in as techninical adviser on a song-dance-and-swim film being made by screen star Rosalind Reynolds. Having once done a number with her - and been kissed at the end - at a Forces show, the young lad somehow believes she should be his girl. Her boyfriend - and fellow co-star - is just one of those disagreeing.

While shooting on location in the South Pacific, a movie star is pursued by a handsome Naval officer who is convinced she is the girl for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian B (ru) wrote: Should have stayed in retirement Mr. Costner. Terrible movie.

Grayson W (de) wrote: I was drawn to the ridiculous plot description: an alien takes over human bodies, drives fast cars and robs banks before switching bodies again. Basically like a sci-fi grand theft auto. However it's a missed opportunity soundtrack wise.

Jon N (ag) wrote: Nicely filmed in places but the story s very choppy jumpping years at a time. Ending is very abrupt.

Andrew P (au) wrote: it was a alittle confusing and out of focus at times. The cinematography was good, but that couldn't save this movie.

Lady E (gb) wrote: A true story of Uschi Obermaier (Natalia Avelon). Sex, drugs and rock n' roll.

Chad V (br) wrote: It may not be a masterpiece like "May" but this film has its moments of dark comedy gold.

Jake P (br) wrote: This movie's hilarious. Can't believe I waited this long to see it!!

Nina V (nl) wrote: En personlig favorit.

Chemi G (br) wrote: Interesante revision de Vertigo por parte de Saura, con Jose Luis Lopez Vasquez extraordinario en un raro papel dramatico y una doble Geraldine Chaplin a comienzos de sus grandes colaboraciones con Saura, con una pegajosa melodia de Los Canarios como banda sonora


Benot R (kr) wrote: Une poque que j'adore, une ambiance parfois baroque avec les scnes dans le cimetire, le monde de l'enfance face la ralit du monde adulte. Une mise en scne sans temps mort, un excellent Stewart Granger et une dure du film courte, que de termes pour voque, mon sens un film majeur dans la filmographie de Lang. Quelques grosses squences sont aussi souligner. Peut-tre une ralisation de Lang qui manque parfois d'audace comme dans certains de ses autres films pour en faire un chef-d'oeuvre. Toujours est-il que c'est un excellent moment pour l'un des films qu'on connait moins du maestro allemand.

David S (it) wrote: The search for a mystical treasure morphs into a commentary on the technological and industrial progress of Eastern Europe and the devolution of a strong moral sense in Dovzhenko's silent tale. It's to be expected that the director presents some fascinating images, but the cross-cutting that highlights the "action" scenes is neither subtle nor surprising, both of which describe the director's stronger works.

Eric H (es) wrote: What if you wanted to make a movie but didn't have many resources. You got together with your friends and associates, and without an original idea, decided to make a sort of knock off of Rosemary's Baby. The fact that you didn't have incredible actors, screenwriters, a brilliant director, an amazingly fresh idea and approach to it, or, much money didn't deter you. The important thing was to make your movie no matter the shortcomings. This seems to be just such a movie. If you've seen most everything of interest on the catalog and are hard up for something, anything to see, you might give this one a try.

Anthony K (de) wrote: Everyone has that list of films that they "have to see." At least that's what you're told by friends who start foaming at the mouth when you admit to not seeing a movie that they have the slightest interest in. Hyperbole is responsible for killing my expectations of a lot of things. Thanks to rabid fans and their baskets of superlatives, Doctor Who and Firefly both give off a horrendous stink that has kept me far away. And on the flipside, decently entertaining films have let me down because of effusive overhype. Mean Girls in particular was a funny movie. Notice I said "funny" and not "hilarious," "hysterical," or "an indispensable marvel of comedy." That's because that's all it is: funny. The years leading up to my eventual viewing of it led me to believe something different. It was supposedly the harbinger of the 21st century teen comedy and an absolute delight to the millions of people who quoted it daily. Imagine my surprise when I finally saw it.But this isn't a review of Mean Girls. The experience I had, hopes fading and the feeling of being cheated, reemerged when I sat down to (finally) dive into another supposed mid-00's gem. I don't hear The Devil Wears Prada being discussed often, but when it is, it's always using (you guessed it) superlatives. Meryl Streep's performance is one for the ages. Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt have amazing comic chemistry. It's the funniest movie ever made about fashion (kind of pigeonholing yourself there, don't you think?). But I'm a jaded old man and so I tried not to let unrealistic expectations ruin it for me.Even then, The Devil Wears Prada let me down. A lot.The first glaring issue in my ears - or my ears rather - is its lazy monotonous soundtrack. It layers on track after track of bland adult contemporary music that blend into each other like a single song on repeat. It sounds like royalty free elevator musak shoved in as a placeholder that the editor forgot to replace before exporting the final print. Imagine the sappy soundtrack of Love Actually, but without the cajones to push audience emotions in any directions. It's just blah and it makes the movie blah by being there.This movie is also famous for giving Meryl Streep another notch in her Oscar nomination belt (she's up to twenty now), but though her performance is good, she isn't even the best part of this movie. The Academy seems to award her just for showing up. Granted, she's one of the premiere talents of our time, but she isn't flawless. If we're going to look at truly deserving performances in this movie, all eyes should be on Stanley Tucci. His bitchy, mentor-figure Nigel is an absolute delight and outshines Streep with biting wit and calculated affectation. It makes you wish that writer Aline Brosh KcKenna had written Simon Baker and Adrian Grenier out of the movie entirely and replaced their scenes with more Nigel. Is there a fan-made supercut of this out there somewhere? Because there needs to be.In the end, this movie didn't even leave me with the deflated feeling I got from Mean Girls. That movie was good, but not as good as I had been led to believe. The Devil Wears Prada is just boring, preaches unchecked materialism, and is dated by its depiction of pre-recession college grads in New York. At least I got to check this off my list forever. 3.9/10