On Bloody Sunday

On Bloody Sunday

Isabel is a high school journalist who has stumbled into a frightening - and potentially deadly - story. Lately, the teenagers in Isabell's small town have been disappearing at an alarming rate. When Isabell learns that a killer known only by the online moniker of "Azreal" is stalking MySpace on a mission to punish amoral teens, the budding journalist enlists the aid of her best friend Zeek in hopes of stopping a relentless maniac. But "Azreal" is no amateur, because whoever this killer may be, they have clouded their true identity by constructing a complex web of deceptions and dead ends. When Old Springs Valley Detective Ramirez appears to investigate the case, the sleuthing teens fast begin to discern that they may be in mortal danger. Now, as Isabell carefully attempts to uncover the blood-soaked motivations of a mysterious serial killer, it's only a matter of time before she comes face to face with her worst nightmare.

A serial killer stalks teens on MySpace. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jean R (mx) wrote: All I can say is "Wow"! Definitely a must see.. A tale of courage, faith and determination to survive!

Danifesto G (gb) wrote: Saw this at the Reel Asian Film Festival. I really liked it. It was a little overdramatic but definately the best Korean gay film I've seen to date. I kind of fell for the main character.

Michael C (nl) wrote: For Fans Of: Guy Pierce, slow builds, suspense Date Night: No Art Factor: Medium Fun Factor: Low Emotional Factor: Low Intelligence Required: Medium Essential Viewing: No Is it just me, or does Guy Pierce work harder at getting himself into orginal scripts than any other top shelf actor in the business? This guy could be making all kinds of filler movies for paychecks in my opinion but instead we get lots of great performances in smaller films that recieve hardly any press and turn out to be better than expected. This thought process holds true in First Snow. A film about a guy who learns more than most would want to, Pierce is the star here in every sense. The script isn't quiet as good as the premise, but it is still better than most. Director Mark Fergus shows some talent with the lens, but needs to work on pacing just a wee bit. The supporting cast was expectedly good in some places (J.K. Simmons) and suprisingly good in others (Piper Perabo). With a bit of that pacing issue worked out this could have easily scored higher with me. If you get sick of the same old formulas for flicks I highly recommend you check this one out. No, it won't blow your hair back, but it will keep your eyes open for what's around the corner. One of the better "one man's obession" flicks I have seen in a while. And once again, support Guy Pierce. We need more great actors like this one.

Julia G (nl) wrote: It is vary rare when a movie such as this comes along and blows me off my feet. Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (not to ever be confused as the sequel to Day of the Dead and not to ever be associated with Romero) is truly the worst movie I have ever seen. It is so bad I swear this zombie, yes this zombie movie literally bored me to tears. The plot of this movie is one of the reasons why it is so horribly boring. It is set at Ravenside Memorial hospital where several mental patients find a vial in the grass and bring it to the hospital. The movie then follows standard zombie movie plot: people infected, good guys try to escape. The plot description of this movie doesn?t show how insanely horrible it is, the reason being that it moves so SLOWLY compared to the average zombie film. The first two-thirds of the movie just teases us into thinking something is going to happen and finally, after over 70 minutes into the movie, zombies actually start attacking people; what a concept, zombies in a zombie movie. This movie is amazingly boring without zombies, the main reason being acting skills. Everyone in this movie is a complete unknown with almost no prior experience. It?s impossible to get absorbed into this movie because in every scene I can see the actor trying to act. The boring plot and horrible acting have blinded me from anything else in this movie. It?s like watching a group of six year olds act out The Godfather. I advise you to never even think about this movie. If I could I would go back in time and stop the director/ writer Ana Clavell from being conceived so the world would be free of this monstrosity.

David S (us) wrote: Staid and civilized for much of the time, the first half nonetheless carries a charm as a mother and daughter travel to various locations, discussing myths, fables, and history. But when the film switches to staying on the cruise ship, it takes a wrong turn, and the last five minutes are horribly obvious and contrived.

El U (mx) wrote: pretty good, the last part made my teeth hurt

Yuri B (it) wrote: Literally one of the most engrossing films that I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Joe G (fr) wrote: Ok movie. Some scenes were predictable.

Jack G (br) wrote: While it is still the same sort of gross-sick-sex-and-rambunctious-violence package that comes with Tromaville territory, James Gunn's script and (uncredited) direction makes it into genuine uneasy/queasy/disturbing territory (the plexiglass black-room that the Sir Capulet has is really freaky), and a little more creative than what Kaufman/Herz usually would come up with. But it is a Troma flick thru and thru (maybe too much - too many fucking previous Troma-movie posters, it's distracting to see a scene that should have plain walls and a 'Class of Nuke-em High' poster is always present behind the actors, as if we won't see your movie if we're already watching this), and in a way kinda helps the material: Romeo and Juliet is already a silly romance story, so to have so much silliness around it, it comes off rather nicely - and with an ending that is almost too cheerful to be actually unnerving. Se la vie.

Pavandeep S (it) wrote: A critique of the old order while playfully breaking about old cinematic trends, this is really a grand critique of sexual conservatism and a celebration of liberation as much for the male as it is for the female.

Dawn M (es) wrote: Classic with special mention going to Hayley Mills.

Benjamin F (mx) wrote: Great premise, disappointing execution.

Brittany J (fr) wrote: I need to just comment on the actress that played Rosemary, not only was she great at seeming self concious throughout the entire movie, but when she is seen as the "skinny" version of RoseMary, she still walks like shes bigger, which is an amazing add to the character