On Dress Parade

On Dress Parade

The final feature in the "Dead End Kids" film series finds a youth trying to adjust to life at a military school.

The Dead End Kids are sent to military school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandy A (nl) wrote: Sad in some parts, but I really liked the movie

Erin W (br) wrote: I love the animated movies that this is talking about, and I want to see how disney came on top through this movie, seeing that I love disney.

Sheila M (de) wrote: some kind of nasty killer. Horrible

Yvonne N (us) wrote: Just re watched this. Beautiful cinematography, young adult plot, Michelle Rodriguez, and a Minnesota boy saying, "Be the girl I met on the beach. The one who wouldn't ask a guy what she should do."

Ariel R (it) wrote: My sweet Brendan, what were you thinking?!

Sarah D (ca) wrote: Excellent movie. John Belushi is hilarious!

Paula L (kr) wrote: Gr8 entertainment for Xmas day :)

Carlton R (it) wrote: Great classic, she was a fantastic actress, had real screen presence, but was warm with it, this is a great treat of a film, dont miss this one

Joel A (ag) wrote: The film more or less a Shoe In for James Dean straight after Giant but as we all know his life was tragically cut short. Even his stunning partner Pier was in this film also.Thankfully they didn't replace Dean with any hack they got a little unknown talented called Paul Newman at the time.The story of a trouble maker, somewhat drifter turning Pro Boxer to change his self restricting lifestyle. Although a little too handsome for a street thug Newman was he delivered with an intense & emotionally charged performance.This is a good a film & although a little patchy in parts it's a incredible debut for Paul Newman.

aaron m (ru) wrote: its ok but not tha t good

Art S (ru) wrote: In the 5th film in the long-running series, William Powell and Myrna Loy (as Nick and Nora Charles, created by Dashiell Hammett) head up to Saratoga Springs to visit Nick's parents and boyhood home. Their double act is still amusing and lackadaisical but this time there is a great deal of obfuscation around the mystery - you couldn't solve it yourself (which I guess makes Nick Charles seem even more astounding). Like many other films in this genre, all of the suspects end up in the same room at the end where Nick can surprise one of them into confessing. However, this time Myrna Loy provides some meta-commentary about how all of Nick's cases always end up in this way - it's a bit more self-reflexive than I expected but when you are on film 5, I guess this is where your thoughts go. Nothing wrong with this as a genre picture, although the two leads could act circles around the rest of the cast (save perhaps Asta).

Daniel K (it) wrote: 2: There's nothing about the story that is terribly controversial for a pre- or post-code film, but the camera angles and costumes are rather revealing. There are times when one isn't sure if the woman in the dance numbers are completely nude due to the skin-colored nature of their practically non-existent costumes. It's a silly murder mystery combined with a behind-the-scenes show business romance.

cli o (es) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Finn M (gb) wrote: That was not a good movie.. NO

Aidan A (ca) wrote: Very good! Unfortunately, they got rid of Zira and Cornelius, so it lacks a certain humor to it.

Jamie C (es) wrote: First of all even though the idea was pretty good it is so over the top and not really necessary and the more the film goes on the more silly it gets, The acting wasn't great and the ending was pretty poor, But it gets three stars for trying something different.

Adi O (au) wrote: What a screenplay,Mr.Allen.

Sean K (ag) wrote: SUCH AN UNDERRATED MOVIE!:Don't like Will Ferrel?? (Then don't watch it and expect to like it).If you have some basis of knowledge about the NBA and pre merger teams, it's actually quite original (while admittedly fictional). Aside from the meandering storyline, and a few outrageous scenes, this movie provides classic Will Ferrel humor. (Knowing that humor, you can expect some ridiculousness). Laughs abound, with a unique cast: Woody Harrelson, Andre 3000 (Outkast), David Koechner (Champ). Cameos: Kirsten Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Elms (The Hangover). Indeed, Semi Pro is entirely underrated and will go down as a classic comedy similar to Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison (Those movies have horrible tomato meter stats also). Maybe those who view these movies should stop looking for an academy award winning storyline, "that's unlike any other." Your unrelenting criticism of movies for being a clich (C), are a clich (C). Get over yourselves, stop taking things so seriously, and laugh. Life's a lot better that way. But more importantly: E.L.E. (Everybody Love Everybody!!!). And, embrace the "alley-oop."