On Native Soil

On Native Soil

Documentary - Kevin Costner, Hilary Swank

A documentary about September 11, where the 9/11 Commission Report is used to study the attack and the systemic flaws that allowed it to happen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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RajanSatish P (it) wrote: You don't feel like watching a movie at all. Movie is dumb and unromantic ,lacks humor and very silly. The movie lacks the very essential 'Soul'.

Chris S (es) wrote: You need a full whack of either shrooms or weed to fully enjoy this film

Planet C (de) wrote: With such interesting idea as early formation of gender equality, Made in Dagenham left me bored and uninspired.

Mark N (br) wrote: A real character piece Killing Room is a psychological tale you've seen or read before. What saves it is the fine cast doing a lot with the limited material and keeping you invested in them as individuals. Some interesting ideas keep the plot moving but really needed more substance to raise it above average. Worth a look if you like the cast and have a long evening to spare.

Clair B (kr) wrote: Plot needs some work but entertaining

shalia w (mx) wrote: luv the movie and actor also the songs

David F (mx) wrote: BEST MOVIE EVER MADE

bill s (au) wrote: Interesting in parts and draw dropping maddening in others.....to say it's uneven is being kind.

Mary B (ca) wrote: I have mostly home bound due to recovering from the flu. I was feeling restless, so I tried this movie out for size. I gave the movie 3 stars because of Madeline Stowe's strong performance. Aidan Quinn was "over the top" in a role that was poorly scripted for him. However, I must say that the story, and its telling, was suspenseful, and I am glad that I watched it on Netflix streaming rather having paid money to see it in the theaters years ago.

Nathan M (es) wrote: Don't listen to the critics. This is an excellent though overlooked period drama about defiance through dance and music. A very young Christian Bale shows off the skills he learned in "Newsies." It's a pity he wasn't born in a time when Hollywood made more musicals. He was great at them!

yash g (jp) wrote: this is the best movie

Unca C (kr) wrote: Well, here we have a nice little Italian film starring Joseph Cotten -- wha? :eek: Yup. Okay. Here's the lowdown: Dr. Frankenstein (Joseph Cotten, obviously in need of a quick paycheck) is doing the 'creating life' schtick. He's brokered a deal with a sleazy graverobber (as opposed to a 'fancy' one) for bodies. Also, daddy's little girl (aka Lady Frankenstein) decides that she wants to be just like him. (Obviously, never went to a "Take your daughter to work" Day) So Daddy-stein puts the brain and heart or stone-cold killer into the body of his man-made behemoth. Said monster promptly goes berzerk killing Daddy-stein. (I guess it sounded good on paper):rolleyes: So does Lady Stein get dissuaded after seeing Daddy turned into Joseph Cotten-balls? HELL, NO! She decides to take on daddy's work and falls for the aging assistant at the sme time (all together: EWWW!):p Of course, Lady F decides his brain should go into a nice brawny handyman body - purely for 'scientific purposes'. The downside to all this is that Daddy's monster is kinda peeved that he's a blasphemy of science and all that and decides to kill everyone who put him together: from the graverobbers to Lady F herself. There are a lot of jump cuts. The film is overexposed (giving it a whitewash look). Like most Italian films starring English-speaking actors; the stars are definitely speaking English but the rest of the cast has to be dubbed from the original Italian (did this really work out for them?). Of course, that isn't always an issue since the music sometimes actually drowns out the dialogue. Further, the action is almost glacial. On the plus side, there is some gratuitious nudity to wake the guys up on occassion (this is an Italian film, after all). Oh, almost forgot - nominee for best screen name ever: Herbert Fux (who plays the graverobber). I really tried to like this movie and with a title like "Lady Frankenstein" it should be right up my alley. Alas, it seems to drown in it's own pretentiousness - an attempt to make a Hammer film but without the Hammer quality. Fun rating - 3 (probably a '2' but the nudity helps - not particularly entertaining; really for Euro-horror fans only) Interesting rating - 2 (not really worth any effort - if you stumble across it for $1 or less ... well you get what you pay for) Total rating - 3

Sonny H (fr) wrote: The sequel which I my personal opinion is better than its predecessor, it might be gorier but that's not why I like it. I love this film because it is well written and has the best performance by Tobin Bell as Jigsaw who in this film is just captivating. The music by Charlie Clouser is just outstanding, the intense electronic score is so distinctive that when you hear in another film you know something bad will happen. The twist at the end will leave if you off guard and will make you faint. I give this film 10/10.

Stuart M (kr) wrote: This film was better than I remembered, which was easy because I remembered nothing. It's certainly better than reviews indicate. The concept is solid and the execution generally competent. But never more than competent. The big problem here is that for a scifi thriller it has a distinct absence of thrills. Most of the action scenes are rather anticlimactic. It needed one or two setpiece effects shots to really capture the panic. Sticking to what they see inside the base may save on budget and increase the claustrophobia but in the end it decreases the sense of scale needed for a film about such big issues. Nowhere is this more obvious than the "climax". The performances are very good, but the characters wafer-thin. I like the movie well enough, but it feels like it was toying with being great and then just dropped the ball.

Sara S (kr) wrote: Seriously, I don't get it. It tends to be artsy, but what is the point of the story? How are these ppl's lives effecting one another in a way that is meaningful? What keeps you guessing throughout the story just ends in a complete void, no explanation, no point.