On the Nose

On the Nose

Brendan is a janitor at a university who has a fondness for gambling, especially betting on horse races. However, he doesn't have much skill at it, and poorly considered bets have drained the bank account he'd set aside for his daughter's education. Brendan's wife has made Brendan promise to give up gambling, but when their daughter announces she's just been accepted to Trinity College in Ireland, Brendan has to come up with the tuition money, and fast. While doing his sweeping at work, Brendan makes a remarkable discovery - the preserved head of an aboriginal tribesman who, under proper conditions, can pick the winners in horse races.

A luckless gambler finally finds the secret to picking winners at the track - a head in a jar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tavin W (gb) wrote: Tops the first one in every way

Jordan P (jp) wrote: awesome movie! Loved it!

Kinohi N (it) wrote: Dangerous Minds meets Mars Attacks! The movie's attempt to humanize "inner-city youth" (by way of an alien invasion) is itself patronizing. The Blind Side with a British twist.

Alejandro E (de) wrote: Fancy,pret-a-porter biopic supported by witt Tautou.

Russell C (ag) wrote: Imax documentary features are a mixed blessing. On one hand, they feature breath-taking camerawork and fascinating material. But on the other hand, they're always only 40 minutes. It's a shame, because the decades long, incredibly successful double mission to Mars with the rovers Spirit & Opportunity could fill a 10 hour miniseries. This movie is a wonderful but all-too-brief look at the mission. I would recommend this flick to anyone, but at the end you're definitely left wanting more.

Charlie D (au) wrote: Ever worked odd jobs with a writer's soul? Like drinking? Like women? This movie is for you.

Perrine B (es) wrote: bon film pour avoir un apercu du super regime des talibans en afghanistan et du processus des refugies aux usa

Anthony S (nl) wrote: The story is extremely bad and not worth mentoning. A horrible movie with hardly any redeeming values. */****

Marcos R (au) wrote: An incredibly bad and completely unwatchable entry to the "Halloween" series. Jamie Lee Curtis made a bad choice being involved in this embarrassment.

Vikram K (fr) wrote: gordon is PERFECT for the role, the voice, the eyes, and of course the sax playing! great music by herbie hancock; on the whole, a beautifully touching tribute to jazz

Cynthia M (us) wrote: This anthology was ineffective as a horror film. Only "A Drop of Water" comes close to being scary and the silly-looking corpse prevents it from eliciting any true chills. "The Telephone" was so awful in its writing that it makes it impossible to be scared by it. Furthermore, the central protagonist's mind-boggling stupidity makes the viewer root for the killer. "The Wurdaluk" may possibly be the dullest segment in anthology film history.

Steve K (us) wrote: Not too bad. A little slow at times, and frustratingly short on context and explanations, it still scratched my itch for watching something kind of post-apocalyptic.

Cooper H (fr) wrote: Kong and Ann's chemistry helps salvage parts of the film, but it's three different films with a wasted first hour. Jack Black's and unlikeable lead for good reason, but hurts the film when he's involved. Overly boring, but CGI holds up for the most part.

Carl S (au) wrote: Have to agree, it should have been better with all that talent!