On The Town

On The Town

Three sailors - Gabey, Chip and Ozzie - let loose on a 24-hour pass in New York and the Big Apple will never be the same! Gabey falls head over heels for "Miss Turnstiles of the Month" (he thinks she's a high society deb when she's really a 'cooch dancer at Coney Island); innocent Chip gets highjacked (literally) by a lady cab driver; and Ozzie becomes the object of interest of a gorgeous anthropologist who thinks he's the perfect example of a "prehistoric man". Wonderful music and terrific shots of New York at its best.

We will see wonderful music and terrific shots of New York at its best through the movie. Three sailors - Gabey, Chip and Ozzie - let loose on a 24-hour pass in New York and the Big Apple will never be the same! They look for fun and romance before their twenty-four hours are up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy F (ca) wrote: Oh dear. Whereas the first film had a touch of ingenuity and some good scares, this limp sequel has neither. A waste of space and goes into that lovely group of contenders for the worst horror sequel of all time.

Colin S (br) wrote: I did need closure with this one, and also a desperate want for Bella to take her destiny into her own hands after being the subject of love's whim for four movies. I also felt a mounting sense of excitement that she finally had some power (physically and interpersonally) and was making solid decisions of her own. Then due to the presence of the new child (who I rather unfortunately spent most of the viewing trying to work out when she was CGIed and when she wasn't) there's an utterly epic climactic fight scene between all allied to the Cullen faction and their enemies in the Voltari and I found it completely worth the wait and the enduring the silliness of the time I'd spent watching the rest, and then... Oh for fuck's sake. Turns out the epic fight scene DIDN'T ACTUALLY HAPPEN AT ALL. A total let down and I found myself saying, "RAAAARGH!" to the screen and shaking my fist in impotent rage. Then it descended into self-referential sentiment. Stewart is more watchable in this - at least she appears to be more comfortable as a supernatural entity. Same old same old for Pattinson and Lautner. Greene and Burke of course are their usual outstanding selves, as is Reaser this time around. Fanning and Sheen also stand out as hateable antagonists. What's really great to see though is the multicultural nature of the friends of the Cullen family, especially the Egyptians.

Michael S (ag) wrote: Essentially a watered-down, 1980s-set "A Bronx Tale." Undone by an overly-familiar narrative and some bad casting choices. Alec Baldwin and Scott Caan are two bright spots. Freddie Prinze Jr. narrating the film with a Brooklyn accent? Not so much.

Charlotte S (kr) wrote: this movie will always be remember

Scream Q (de) wrote: An excellent sequel to this classic!

John B (au) wrote: Sheesh almost as dull as an Adams opera about the Manhattan project.

Daniel S (au) wrote: ugh, im done with argento, his films are all the same, yes you get some good electronic music and visuals, but the stories and acting is weak, and boy this one takes the cake, despite this being his favorite, good god is it stupid, a fucking ape showing up randomly, a fucking fly leading jennifer to a dead body, its laughably bad, coupled with the most idiotic character decisions, its just painful to watch

Spookie M (nl) wrote: This is an effective Roger Corman produced thriller and one of Tommy Lee Jones' first starring roles.

Ian F (de) wrote: I think I know what was wrong with the USSR... their movies sucked! I saw one and thought it was awful. This one had a story and it was still pretty bad! The ending however was great! Some of the shots not too bad. The music was alright... but the ending was good- very Hollywood! However without this movement we wouldn't have the montage so we have to thank it. Even if it isn't very good!

Adam R (ag) wrote: It's funny and is certainly one of the better movies in the Vacation series. I wouldn't say it is a holiday favorite, but it's something I can watch every few years. (First viewing - Late teen years)