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On Tour

Formerly successful television producer Joachim Zand returns from America to his native France, where he previously has left everything behind, including friends, enemies and his own children. In his company is a burlesque striptease troupe whom he has promised a grand performance in Paris.Together they tour the French port cities, staying at cheap hotels and making success along the way. Old conflicts are however reignated upon the return to the French capital. Joachim is betrayed by people from his past, making him lose the venue where they were to perform, and the Paris finale comes to nothing.

Joachim, a former Parisian television producer had left everything behind - his children, friends, enemies, lovers and regrets - to start a new life in America. He comes back with a team of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andr D (br) wrote: Este divertido, conmovedor y pattico documental nos cuenta la historia de un grupo de nios quienes dedicaron 7 aos de su vida en realizar un re-make plano por plano de su pelcula favorita: "Raiders Of The Lost Ark". La cinta se termin a excepcin de una escena y el cassette de VHS lleg a las manos del director Eli Roth y del crtico Harry Knowles, quienes lo hicieron popular en festivales. Muchos aos despus, los realizadores de este proyecto (ya adultos y con mltiples ocupaciones), deciden reunirse para filmar la ltima escena que les falt. "Raiders!" es un homenaje al amor desmedido por el cine: un amor que hace que seamos ms que cinfilos y cineastas. Un amor que nos convierte en enfermos por el cine. Si usted posee ese amor y adems adora a "Los Cazadores del Arca Perdida", esta es su pelcula.

Ben W (jp) wrote: Best moment in the movie: The team is filming their show's call back. While three of them say "It's time for some GRAVE ENCOUNTERS!", the psychic misses his cue.Team: GRAVE ENCOUNTERS!Psychic: Huh? Oh. ENCOUNTERS!

Matthew C (kr) wrote: We can't all be Tarantino, but that doesn't stop people from trying.

Carreh R (de) wrote: Thank you MUBI for movies like this. A series of stories that eventually connect, foreshadowing that makes the whole movie seem like watching an accident you can't pull away from. I cares about all the characters and loved how mysteries slowly unfolded. Not sure what I think about the ending. I'd love to know what other people think.

cUteOmbie K (us) wrote: TEMPTATION OF THE WOLVESwow!!! this drama have it all!! with a twist that will keep you glued in your seats.

Dimitris S (ag) wrote: John Woo of today,To is using his techniques to the utmost overreaction.Drama,altercation of images and a twirling ballet of bullets and camera angles.The plot is fading as the pace is growing and the news device showing the manipulation of the public is too naive.Still,it smashes all the everyday Hollywood flicks.

Rebecca K (nl) wrote: Funny one! Kinda weird sometimes, but funny!

Emerson S (fr) wrote: good movie with plots that intertwine like crash and great cinematography

Jason T (mx) wrote: Bad boob jobs on parade with some buttafaces... all camp but never funny.

Angela K (ag) wrote: Love this movie. Great cast, decent story line and in my line up of classic black 90s movies.

Ahmad J (ag) wrote: Very interesting movie, although I wish some things were more explicit rather than implicit!

Panta O (mx) wrote: This watered down version of the war crimes at the torture place of Abu Ghraib is just a way to describe the opinion that "Haji's" deserve it! Look at the name of the producers (Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz) and you will understand that this American war movie inspired by the events that took place at the Abu Ghraib prison, which made worldwide news in 2004, is not made to entertain us or to inform us - it is made to change our way of perceiving these events as right at the given moment! Written and directed by Luke Moran, who co-stars alongside Sean Astin, Omid Abtahi, Sara Paxton, and John Heard, it is a perfect film for brainwashed idiots, but not for anyone who actually looks for something more that 'pride of the nation'. No emotion, no chemistry, no thrill or excitement - it is a movie which simply deserves to be forgotten! As quickly as possible... and the events need to be remembered, the way they actually happened! The film starts in 2003, the day before 22-year-old Jack Farmer (Luke Moran) ships out for Iraq, having joined the Army Reserves in hopes of being part of something bigger than himself! With dozens of other young men, some finding themselves there because they are patriotic, others because they wanted an adventure and sheer youthful restlessness, he arrives at Abu Ghraib, 20 miles from Baghdad and formerly used by Saddam Hussein to imprison, torture and murder dissidents... I really do not want to share the story which follows because it is as bland as it comes, made to soften the image of the events which actually happened between those walls of suffering! When Australian television network SBS program "Dateline" aired previously unpublished video showing the abuse of Iraqis in U.S. military custody at Abu Ghraib prison in 2003, we could see images of naked prisoners, some of them with blood lying on the floor. The pictures show almost the same abuses as the photos that caused Abu Ghraib scandal in 2004 - Iraqis subjected to sexual humiliation and shackled in positions tantamount to torture. Of course, Pentagon spokesperson Bryan Whitman said the Defence Department believed the release of additional images of prisoner abuse was harmful and "could only further inflame and possibly incite unnecessary violence in the world." It seems that this film is made to do completely opposite... calm down people?! The film won the Audience Award at the Gasparilla Film Festival, the only film festival it screened at... I am not really sure what was the competition like if this was the winner!

Dann M (ag) wrote: Never Say Never Again is no Thunderball. Sean Connery reprises the role of James Bond one last time for this unofficial remake of the EON Bond film Thunderball. The new cast includes some impressive talent, such as Kim Basinger and Max von Sydow, but their performances are rather poor and they don't really do anything new with the characters. There's still a good amount of action and adventure in Never Say Never Again, but it's a pale imitation of a Bond film.

Donnie Ray S (gb) wrote: People call it a strange picture that doesn't have much sense to it. I really don't know, I was enjoying it too much to notice! Orson Welles directs this mystery thriller. You can see and hear his signature techniques in this film like the voice over, fast pacing, and breathtaking scenes. I enjoyed every second of the film and embraced how fun it was. The fun house scene at the end shook me. I have never seen anything like it in cinema.

Alnissa S (gb) wrote: Kevin Hart stupid funny