Once a Gangster

Once a Gangster

Roast Pork joins the triad as a young man and ends up becoming a trusted lieutenant of boss Kerosene. However, his true passion is in his successful chain of restaurants, his loving wife, and his two children. So when Kerosene wants to promote his trusted right hand man to the top of the organization as a way to take on his financial debts, it's understandable why Roast Pork would want to refuse. Roast Pork comes up with an intricate scheme with his men that would take himself out of the running, but Kerosene's intervention causes it to fail. When all hopes appears to be lost, lifelong gangster Sparrow is released from jail after serving a 20-year sentence for committing a gang-related murder that earned him a guarantee for the leader spot. However, Sparrow has made his own plans to stay out of the gang, setting off a battle of wits between the two men.

(Cantonese with English Subtitles) In this hilarious triad movie parody, celebrity cook "Roast Pork" finds his idyllic life turn topsy-turvy when his old mentor comes out of nowhere and commands him to be the successor of his gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angela G (mx) wrote: I just wasted a significant part of my day on this movie.... Don't waste yours.

Shayne J (au) wrote: Megan is Missing is a piece of artwork compared to this trash... If you enjoy great cinematography and nice lighting, but terrible writing and completely lame characters, this movie is going to be a hit for you! For me, it was a total miss. Nothing in this movie shines in any sort of way other than the lighting in the background. I think I giggled in maybe 2 scenes... but not once was there a laugh that was out loud. Sorry Derek Nixon, try harder next time, or don't... because this movie felt like it tried way too hard to be funny.

Jaclyn L (jp) wrote: fascinating! all about the california bar and the litigiousness of society in general. it closely follows a handful of esquire-hopefuls in their journey through the california bar. maybe i'm biased because i will be taking the bar in 2 years, but it was very good. i wouldn't recommend it if you are taking the bar in the next few months, though, as it's pretty stressful

Lauren V (us) wrote: I'm a sucker for these kind of period pieces. This one is witty and entertaining.

Brett B (mx) wrote: Holy crap, what a mess! Not only is the premise laughably absurd, not only are the effects utterly unconvincing, not only is the low budget in painful evidence, but the film commits the cardinal "bad movie" sin: not even its flaws are entertaining; the film is just plain dull.

Ben L (fr) wrote: On Golden Pond is the story of an older couple who are summering in a cottage and dealing with the realities of old age and eventual death. Henry Fonda plays Norman, the gruff husband who seems to have a sour attitude about everything, and Katharine Hepburn plays his upbeat wife. Everything is disrupted when their daughter (played by Jane Fonda) shows up with her boyfriend and his son. I enjoyed the interaction between grumpy old Norman and the young boy. That progression from frustration to friendship was satisfying. The end of the film tried to accomplish the same thing between Norman and his daughter, but it was so rushed that I didn't buy it. This is a movie that doesn't have a lot of story to tell. It was more about relationships and how time can affect them. I liked the feel of the movie, it was warm and comforting. The bond between Hepburn and Fonda felt genuine, and I could see how these two people would fall in love and stay together for decades. There's really nothing wrong with On Golden Pond, it accomplishes what I think it set out to do reasonably well. It just wasn't trying to do anything all that special or significant. I'd watch it any time, because it seems like comfort viewing that will make you feel good, but I don't know how much I would recommend it to others.

Private U (mx) wrote: I remember when this first came out on HBO...I must have watched the silly thing 50 times! Love those baby blues!

Joe A (au) wrote: 10 Things I learned from this movie:1) In the 70s, Devil worshippers drove around in fruit trucks dispensing demon possessed pups to unsuspecting children.2) If your adorable new puppy sets your superstitious Spanish housekeeper on fire by just looking at her, you might have a problem.3) Never repair the lawnmower around a demon possessed dog.4) Demon possessed dogs like to watch your parents have sex in the neighbor's pool... don't ask.5) With a demon possessed dog around to influence mom, dad's sex life improves greatly so maybe he should just overlook the dead neighbor and his kids drawing pictures of Satan and enjoy himself some lovin'.6) Having a demon possessed dog in the 70s, makes kids behave like they normally do in the present.7) Demon possessed dogs run in slow motion, are bullet proof and will always find their way home.8) In their true form demon possessed dogs look like Phyllis Diller (Google it youngsters!)9) Asking your Ecuadorian cab driver upfront about what to do about a demon possessed dog can save you a lot of time... and yes, the requires you to go to Ecuador.10) Destroying your demon possessed dog is a lot like a Black Sabbath music video.

Rod (kr) wrote: Simple german film, not that graphic

Kimberley B (br) wrote: I loved Natalie Wood in this film, also Robert Redford. Even though I didn't like the ending, it is still a really good film.

Neva K (gb) wrote: I really liked this movie. Not sure why it has such a crappy rating. Probably from all the Mel haters LOL

Jason K (mx) wrote: Good Ash takes over Desperado. At times a-bit of script tweaks were needed but overall very original in Cinematography, Editing, and design. Look forward to the next film from this team.

Tyler S (au) wrote: A very powerful film that is some of Eastwoods best work. The movie does a great job of hitting a nerve deep by displaying many different themes : friendship, revenge, family just to name a few. I also liked the 3 actors that were castes, because each of them were different, but yet they were once alike and best friends. A tragedy when they were young had changed them, and a specific one of them forever. Penn, Robbins, and bacon all give equal powerful performances that are all linked together in a way. After one of the men's daughter is killed, one of the friends is somewhat suspected of the murder. From here the movie develops to a full on mystery, one that keeps you guessing due to the convincing performances from all three lead actors.The setting of a rugged Boston community fits this movie so perfect, and helps symbolize the struggle that all three men experience since the traumatic events of their childhood.The movie keeps you guessing, but also looks at friendship from kids to adults and how family can rule all. Fantastic film murder mystery drama.

Paul C (fr) wrote: Excellent early 70's giallo about a series of brutal murders in a Catholic girls school in London. Very well done.

Steven L (gb) wrote: Not too bad, but not up to par with the original.