Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

Academy Award winner Cary Grant (Honorary Award, 1970) is at his suave best as slick showman Jerry Flynn, a Broadway producer anxious to recapture the magic and reclaim the crowds after a set of costly flops. Outside his theater one night, Flynn meets a young boy who just might save the day. Inside a small box the boy shows Flynn his pride and joy: a caterpillar named Curly that dances to "Yes Sir, That's My Baby." Word quickly spreads about the amazingly talented hoofer, and the caterpillar becomes a symbol of hope for wartime America. Soon, offers are pouring in to capitalize on this sensational insect. Will Curly go Hollywood or will Flynn's get-rich-quicker quick scheme go to the bugs? Once Upon a Time is a furry fairy tale that's fun for the whole family.

Smalltime crookster and showman Jerry Flynn is desperately searching for a new act to promote in order to save him from ruin. He meets a boy on the street who claims to have a dancing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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sree k (ru) wrote: Review: the story was average. It did not have any impact, with some twists which were seen in 2nd half , left viewers awe struck for a while. The narrative was ok. The first half was good and set the momentum for the next half. But the graph went down and with songs at crucial points of movie turned it into a regular mass masala. The climax was not up to the mark as it did not create an impact. Screenplay was tight in first half and went down a bit in second half. Direction was apt. the lead cast got a prominent role to perform. Heroines were not utilized to full extent. Villains are there to shout and not perform anything in terms of action. Editing was crisp in first 30 minutes , then it lost the impact. Only two songs were catchy and was good to hear. Background score was apt. but a high voltage action script needed a better score. Cinematography was brilliant both in movie and songs. Comedy was good enough , but seemed overdosed. Action episodes are nearly overdosed. Cgi effects are good in first song and titles. Art department needs a special mention for some songs. In climax the visual effects seemed a bit tacky. Out of 4 action scenes, only first one was impressive rest all seemed very boring and did not give an impact. Finally ragada ends up as a good movie. It had all the elements to make it a hit one. But due to lack of any impact in story and songs , ragada could not make that mark. But is watchable once for nag king and comedy elements. Rating: 3/5

Mad M (ru) wrote: Terrible. The acting is atrocious, the action scenes suck, terrible dialogue. There were however a lot of hot women, an abundance of nudity, and a cameo by Alistair Overeem.

Sonya W (nl) wrote: A documentary on sci-fiction writer Harlan Ellison.

Alun L (de) wrote: Basic plot and not a great deal of action, but clever / funny enough to be enjoyable. Velibor is outstanding.

Nate P (au) wrote: While it may not be as good as First Contact, this is another remarkably underrated Star Trek film.

Jg M (au) wrote: After a while you stop caring

Jesse F (us) wrote: Yes I know it's so bad but it's so good in the campy-comedy way.

Bill B (it) wrote: This one came pretty fucking close to breaking me, as they bring in pro wrestlers alongside the Playboy & Penthouse broads, which is like a perfect storm of corny that almost killed me.It has its moments, but is on an obvious decline for my tastes by this stage of the series.Rental?

Shasha B (de) wrote: You would think Richard was the hottest man in the film. Well I'm here to tell youhe is not. SEAN CONNERY IS SO VERY SEXY.

Lo W (es) wrote: I said I'd rate this after I thought about...& I actually watched it again because I really cannot see why people are going crazy for this animated feline film noir. Seriously, it isn't anything amazing. They're cartoon cats that are victims of homicide, fornicate, are active in religious cults, & curse.. The end. I also could not stand Francis' voice. Actually, that's a large part of why I disliked this. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the voice was way too cheery & contrite given the context, & when it comes to animation, the voices of the characters are extremely important. I got a kick out of the reference to "Aristocats" though.I personally thought that was the most memorable bit.

Ziad A (nl) wrote: Tons of laughs and memorable scenes! My friends and I quote lines from this movie often... I think it's now a cult classic!

Louise N (us) wrote: This is the kind of thing my Mum loves! Suspend your disbelief as the story unfolds and you should enjoy this. Look out for John Cusack!

Sean C (ag) wrote: It was ok I liked the ending the rest of the film is sub par the main actor (Stanley) was pretty good. A good way to spend an afternoon after work.

JohnnyLee T (gb) wrote: Untangling of family secrets and reconnecting of family relationships are not usually the stuff of comedy but they combine well in this film largely on the skill of the actors to keep us entertained. Slightly too long for its plot. Ending a bit too pat, but we knew everybody had to be happy - all we needed was for Maggie to marry the Professor's dishy doctor grandson.Great to see a movie that encompasses 3 generations interacting - plus a whole bevy of Florida retirees! (DVD ran for over 2 hours)

Emmanuel F (mx) wrote: Un peu lent dmarrer. Sinon le cast est intressant, c'est bien produit, bien ralis (mais sans plus). C'est quand mme un peu en dea des trs bonnes productions anglaises rcentes.

Martin S (ca) wrote: Not enough Walken. Inspiring story nonetheless, but very conventional dramaturgically.