Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Hitman "El Mariachi" becomes involved in international espionage involving a psychotic CIA agent and a corrupt Mexican general.

Hitman "El Mariachi" becomes involved in international espionage involving a psychotic CIA agent and a corrupt Mexican general. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaitlin M (ru) wrote: What do you think Jim Jarmusch was trying to accomplish with this film? Because I'm not sure.Gimme Danger, a documentary of The Stooges from conception to basically present day, is a flawed retelling of a band that has influenced them all with music, lifestyle, fashion, persona, but perhaps not the gift of storytelling.The movie begins focusing on the literal crumbling of the Stooges -- substance abuse had taken its toll and things were falling apart. This is an interesting starting ground for a documentary, but we're quickly transported back at the beginning and let the Stooges epic run unfold in front of us. For a Stooges fan, this movie is watchable, entertaining and enjoyable. For others, I'm not sure. The massive timeline and forced artiness is clumsy and flailing and unlike some others, I think it does a disservice to the band's legendary status and influence. There is no salient point to the film. If an ode to the Stooges influence, it is not well done. If a chronology of the band's history, it is rushed and makeshift. If a platform for discussion and interview, it is lopsided and incomplete. It just doesn't come together how it should, or could, in order to create something of substantial value and lasting prominence. I even wonder why this film is called Gimme Danger (other than the obvious song title) since it didn't focus in on the excess or the negatives of musical exploration.The one-on-one interviews are mostly reliant on Iggy Pop. It's unsurprising, but it creates an imbalance and therefore an incomplete picture for the most part. The interviews are also constantly interrupted by animations and special effects that have no real bearing and necessity and creates the aforementioned "forced artiness." Is this a movie about Iggy Pop's life in the Stooges, is this about The Stooges, is this The Stooges according to Iggy Pop. It's unclear.The legacy of the Stooges is also unfortunately undercut by a slight nod to the amount of Stooges covers and a backsplash of albums by those who say they were influence by Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Much is glossed over in both the timeline and the cultural importance of this band.I think what this film needs is a deep dive into... something. Attempting to profile the entire Stooges timeline or account for their influence is impossible and doesn't allow the film to focus in on a main aspect. Without a trajectory, the film is aimless. It is a documentary made for those already fans and unlikely to create any new fans of the band. It therefore commits the biggest sin of the documentary which is to lack a transcendence. In short, this documentary will only be liked, and possibly loved, by those who are already Stooges fan.However, to say watching Iggy Pop extol about the Stooges is fascinating and lovely is an understatement. Jarmusch captures the same essence of Iggy he did in Coffee and Cigarettes -- an authentic, funny, nerdy, warm man. He has an intellect that is probably shocking to some considering the Stooges are consistently dismissed as noise instead of influence and it is a pure joy to hear him talk about his passion for music, his creation and his love. Perhaps this is what made the film so aimless -- Jarmusch, the ultimate Stooges fan so it seem, was so enamoured with the conversation and digging through the archives he forgot to create a larger point. He is fanboying over his favourite band and happened to create a documentary.I guess I don't blame him. And, it is really nice to see something devoted to Iggy and the Stooges. Iggy Pop is a treasure and needs to be cherished. He is a legit rockstar in that he is not a rockstar. His speech from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony says it all "Music is life and life is not a business." And he does not belong to rock, glam, punk or anything. He just wants to be. And now with so many fallen heroes -- Bowie, Reed, Cohen, Prince -- not to mentioned more than half that belonged to the Stooges, it is hard not to grasp onto one of the last remaining treasures of rock. This film says "Iggy we love you!" and "Stooges, you were pretty good too." But, it doesn't say much more.I'd say you could convince your already Stooges-loving friend to see this with you, but a non-fan, you're going to have some explaining to do. And unfortunately it might be that of conceiving them that the Stooges really are that important and fantastic. A nice attempt, but I wanted more, much more.

Steven B (gb) wrote: Still not as good as the book but a lot better done than the first one! Fun, family friendly, great action, intense story!

Laura M (ag) wrote: It was entertaining. I enjoyed the music and the actors. The biggest downside to this movie, however, was the disjointed quality it had in places. Transitions between time lines could have been clearer.

Nate H (de) wrote: Joe Frazier wasn't pissed enough.

Sharon A (ru) wrote: I felt this movie was made on me i could relate to sid's life .The movie was so simple and pure Ranbir was AMAZING !!!!

Adam T (it) wrote: it's an interesting concept for a documentary but the two people that they interviewed predominantly , Varg and Fenriz, are two of the most self-righteous, self-important douche bags to ever shit out metal. which ruins the entire thing for me. their silly idealistic views are just a mere side show in the larger scheme of music. the only solace that i get out of the appearance of these two is that i know their brand of "rebellion" will never be popular enough to pollute my airways. and on a lighter note, they were so mad at mcdonalds they took rifles and shot at the restaurants! what tools!

Michelle N (gb) wrote: I love the Song! Milo Na Milo!

Kyle M (ru) wrote: The only spike of engagement is when it'd started to become twistingly mysterious with a small presence of total screen time while the rest is just not interesting nor pretty as it's utterly an ugly picture that tried to match the videogame's sense of horror without doing any scaring. (C)

David G (nl) wrote: Martial arts actioner starring the little-known Jeff Speakman as a rebellious youth turned Kenpo Karate master who, following the murder of his old mentor, ventures into the seedy underworld of LA's Koreatown in the hopes of organising a dialogue and resolving the conflict peacefully. OK, I'm kidding, naturally it's a case of beat the shit out of everyone first, ask qustions later. The film does aspire to be more than just a brainless action fest by incorporating family issues and morals of the "if you kill them you'll be no better than them" school of thought but at the end of the day it's the quality punch ups that leave the lasting impression (Speakman's charisma may be lacking but his skills aren't). The supporting cast includes a lot of familiar faces that any 80's/90's beat 'em up fan will get a kick out of. James Hong, Mako and Professor Toru Tanaka are all on hand, as is Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who presumably took a day off from the Showdown in Little Tokyo set in order to say a few lines and get beaten up. Twice.

Ryan N (au) wrote: Ok ok, watched because its a death wish movie and because Bronson still kicks ass!

Jimmy P (ru) wrote: The newspaper industry and what it tries to control in our heads. Manufactured truth, distorted lies, real scandals stopped at ANY costs. Fantastic! See this!!

Tyrone R (gb) wrote: I loved this movie as a kid and always thought a scavenger hunt like this would be fun! But I doubt this movie aged well!

Josh H (gb) wrote: a thriller about a a professor and his mistress who commit a hit and run and are overcome with guilt. the film explores the gap between the upper and low class of Spain in the 1950s during the Franco era, which was the time the film was released.

Leeya B (it) wrote: I like this movie because I love Vivien Leigh-but without her, the movie would be nothing.

Paul D (au) wrote: A great and timeless film, with iconic performances from Grant and Hepburn.

Pamela R (fr) wrote: Christian Bale ha sido un 'Seor Actor' desde nio.

Alex V (de) wrote: One of those uber charming rom coms, simply adore. The chemistry just permeates.

Jamie C (au) wrote: Clever gory film loved it, A very good twist at the end and a great story, The start of a brilliant horror franchise.