An Irish fisherman discovers a woman in his fishing net believing her to be a mermaid.

The story of an Irish fisherman who discovers a woman in his fishing net who he believes to be a Selke (a water nymph). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Beth A (gb) wrote: A wonderful, moving movie. Incredible insight into what it means to teach a severely autistic young adult -- and to do everything possible so that the young adult can continue learning and thriving after "aging" out of school.

Milo S (us) wrote: If u want to see an erect penis fuck a mortal wound in someones tummy then this is a film for you.

Lee B (ag) wrote: I didn?t know anything about this documentary except the tagline when I watched it. It started and I vaguely noticed Terrence Malick?s name in the credits. Then it flowed into the sweeping images and I thought it was wonderful cinematography for a documentary. It is surely one of those beautiful visual documentaries like Microcosmos or Winged Migration, but it isn?t about nature necessarily.However, despite a strong start, it settles in the middle and never reaches for anything grand. Maybe it?s just the subject stalled, but that brought the movie back to a smaller level or grand documentary meaning. It is good enough, but keeps you wanting something more action oriented, even in just there being some sort of action. Still, I?m a Malick and documentary whore.

Des S (au) wrote: This movie was pretty good, I just was disappointed in the ending of it.

Jenna I (de) wrote: This movie is shot so well, and has such a strong sense of style that you don't care that it's entirely incoherently barely a movie with no direction...Honestly, this movie doesn't have any sort of human-made structure or understanding, its full of crass nudity and sexism, you can literally see the wires in the 'special effects,' let me reiterate there is literally no plot ... BUT IT JUST LOOKS SO GREAT I can't help but marvel over it.

Marcie F (br) wrote: might be interesting with david c in it

Petter W (ru) wrote: Bsta svenska actionfilmen ngonsin!Det r bara att lgga ner dessa patetiska frsk som Tredje vgen och allt vad det heter.jag saknar Bo Wideberg...

Wes S (es) wrote: Funny stuff that doesn't depart too much from the story. Many of the concepts from the original Invisible Man films come back into play, and the story could have worked pretty well on its own- but it's even more enjoyable with a couple of goof-balls to interact with.

Raji K (jp) wrote: Orson Welles at the mere age of 25 co-writes, directs and stars in Citizen Kane. Welles is a Charles Foster Kane, a newspaper tycoon, and the film opens with him muttering Rosebud right before his death. The public does a short film on his illustrious life and they decide to try and uncover the meaning behind his final words. A reporter Jerry Thompson (goes around to various people that were close to Kane over the years and ask them if they are familiar with Rosebud. Each of people, his ex-wife, his business manager, and his best friend all recount the major pillar stones of Kane's life. They go into the detail and through the past and these interviews we learn how Kane developed to be who he was which included his vast wealth, his campaign for governor, and both of his marriages. The riddle remains unsolved until, Rosebud is revealed to be the name of the sleigh he rode on as a kid, and brings the movie full circle. All of the wealth, fame and desire to be loved stemmed from his mother sending him to boarding school at a very young age. Citizen Kane was deemed AFI's top movie ever made twice in a 10-year span. This type of information is why I try and go into films without much knowledge of the plot, or the reviews. Going into watching a movie that is expected to be No. 1 leaves me in either two scenarios. I either go in jaded thinking it will not be that great, or I hope and expect it to be that great. In this case I went with the former, but this jaded approach to starting the film from the start is unfair. I thought Citizen Kane was quite a proactive film and for 1941 is it is well ahead of its time. Welles direction is masterful and his acting as Charles Foster Kane is great as well. The development of Kane thorough out the film was done in an interesting manner that was surely original. The film has some excellent shots, and camera movements that were ground breaking and make the film quite influential. The way the film makes it seem like Kane had a great and amazing life, then as you examine it through time, he is at the end a man who just wanted to be loved and mostly had a life full of sorrow and eventually died alone thinking of his childhood demonstrates the film's story can support the film's excellent direction and technique. Citizen Kane is by no means my favorite movie, but I respect it. -3.18.2017

Nate P (br) wrote: A criminally unfunny movie with a great comedic actor completely wasted.

Phillip H (ag) wrote: I really loved this mindless action movie. Christopher Lambert is one of my all time favorite nobody action guys, ever since he was in "Highlander". Don't expect much but there is a lot of action and gun fights.

Ruth L (it) wrote: a lot more depressing than i thought it was going to be.

Jennifer T (jp) wrote: Well I love swimming so of course I'm going to like it. Terrence howard did ok but the directing wasn't solid. Most of the characters were one-dimensional. Kimberly Elise now she is a good actress. Grade: C+