One 2 Ka 4

One 2 Ka 4

Javed Abbas (Jackie Shroff) is widowed Police Officer with four children. His partner is Arun Verma (Shahrukh Khan). Both Javed and Arun are honest, hard-working and diligent. And this leads to the "death" of Javed in mysterious circumstances. After Javed's death, Arun takes over the responsiblity of looking after his four children. He does run into several problems and decides to seek the help of Geeta Choudhary (Juhi chawla), who readily agrees and moves in with him and the four children. The children take an instant liking to Geeta, and things seem to settle down. One day Arun finds out that his former partner's death was really a homicide. When he attempts to investigate, charges of drug-trafficking, and bribery are brought out against him, He finds out that Geeta is not what she claims to be, and is living a double life.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Hindi
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Javed Abbas (Jackie Shroff) is widowed Police Officer with four children. His partner is Arun Verma (Shahrukh Khan). Both Javed and Arun are honest, hard-working and diligent. And this ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sophus G (au) wrote: A great example of a movie so mediocre its not even bad. I will never watch this again.

Brenda Z (nl) wrote: Well, I was getting bored in some of those sequels, but some of them were entertaining. The ending was uncommon but it was good. Indian horror movies rock.

Letitia L (mx) wrote: If you don't like guns, this movie will be very painful for you. But a compelling glimpse into gang violence in Brazil in the 1970s.

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Eric O (gb) wrote: Piper Perabo was amazing as Paulie, and it was an amazing film all around, but with one exception. Why the hell didn't Paulie just go splat at the end? I understand it was supposed to be symbolic, and that the director probably wanted to stay true to the novel, but please. When people attempt suicide by jumping off tall buildings, they don't turn into birds and fly away. At least last time I checked. Especially when you consider all the references to Shakespeare tragedies in "Lost and Delirious", an actual suicide would have made better sense, and it would have made for a better ending. Ah who knows, maybe Paulie didn't turn into a bird. Maybe she became Mighty Mouse and flew off to Planet Krypton.

Ken T (it) wrote: They weren't no Lewis and Clark, but it was still funny"

Jason C (fr) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE! This was one of my FAVORITE movies as child. I remember in high school me and a group of friends recreated the final scene ("joyful,joyful") for the talent show. Not only did we win, but we were asked to preform the scene at 2 other school events. Total underdog moment, FAVORITE high school memory! I cant believe it has such a low rating! 7%W TF? I admit I might be a little bias because I didn't see the first one intill I was much order., but come on! The movie stars a young Lauryn Hill & Jennifer Love Hewitt and not to mention >>> "If you want to be somebody, go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention" GREAT MOVIE!

Alexander J (it) wrote: Brr... I still get the shivers when I think back to a creepy night in front of the TV when I was still little. Must've been early Nineties or something. Alright, it doesn't feature great actors, although Campbell and Koenig surely are cult figures. What's still able to give me the creeps is the aliens and the effects. That and the scenes where those mechanical aliens attack the astronauts on the planet surface and the one where Campbell floats by the zillions of dormant alien pods on that shipwrecked spaceship near the Moon. Underrated. I somehow need to see it again... it's been some time.

Jason H (us) wrote: Let's do I rate a movie that has no intrinsic value, whatsoever? This movie stars a plethora of Hollywood A-Listers, even though at the time, they were virtual unknowns. The acting is solid, after all, you'd expect no less then that from Robert Downey, Jr., Kiefer Sutherland, Bruce Dern, and Winona Ryder. The soundtrack was phenomenal. You can't have a movie about the rebelliousness of the 1960's without the staple background music. And it's all here: "Green River" by CCR, "All Along The Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix, "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" by The Animals, "White Room" by Cream, "Time of the Season" by The Zombies. It was deathfully apparent, however that somewhere in the licensing of all of these great songs, they forgot to hire someone who would stop anachronisms. This movie is not only bad with them, it's RIDDLED with them! Three of the most telling:A 1977 model-year car is seen (not in the background) but SMACK IN THE FOREGROUND of the opening sequence. H&R Block who didn't have the logo used on the sign in the street sequence until 1985. Palmetto Tours ferries Scott's brother to the Army, but that would be impossible, seeing as how that bus line (a subsidiary of Greyhound) operates only in South Carolina - The Palmetto State. This movie takes place in Maryland. There is also a feeling hanging over this film that just isn't right. I find it VERY hard to believe that Scott wouldn't take acid or smoke weed. It was that era, and he's playing it straight? Hardly. That defies logic. The ending also does not feel right. I can see Scott's dad making amends with him, even forgiving him to a degree, but for such an old-fashioned person, with strong military ties, to just drop everything that he holds dear and fight for the opposition? To even hang out with and be part of a demonstration? That just feels wrong. So, basically, I have given this film 3 of 5 stars. It's soundtrack saves it from being a total waste, it's actors also do a fair amount. I can not forgive movies that have glaring anachronisms, or incorrect historical vibe. Like most critics when the movie came out, I neither like nor hate it. It's there. So it gets the middle of the road rating.

Jo L (jp) wrote: Saw it - it's fabulous.

Justin A (es) wrote: Not everyone is a Reynolds fan, but I am.

Jon C (ru) wrote: TRADED comes off more like a parody of a Western. Curiously akin to "TAKEN." And using someone's pet white rat as a stand-in for an 1880s Dodge City alley rat? WTF! Who's idea was that????