One California Day

One California Day

Follow the lives of eight California surfers in the newly released film, "One California Day." Produced by Builde Worldwide, and Co-Directed by Mark Jeremias (maker of DRIVE) and Jason Baffa (maker of Singlefin:Yellow), this super 16mm film stars Joel Tudor, Chris Malloy, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Jimmy Gamboa, Joe Curren, Dane Perlee, and Tyler Hatzikian, with special appearances by Skip Frye, Dan and Keith Malloy, Tom Curren, Gerg Noll, and Lance Carson

A visual journey through 6 distinct coastal regions, capturing the California surfing experience through the surfers who live it. Shot in super 16mm film, the movie examines the variety of subtle differences that make California so unique. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


One California Day torrent reviews

Scott J (us) wrote: Made for zero dollars and no sense.

John B (kr) wrote: It was a decent action movie and story, but, didn't care much for all the vulgar language that was used throughout the movie.

Rawballs B (jp) wrote: Twice the laughter and enjoyment... The doctor did it again!.. =D

Ben C (nl) wrote: Cheap, sloppy but fun enough road thriller.

Joanne B (jp) wrote: this movie is so cute,and if it doesn't make you cry thenyou have have no heart, hehehe

Raybo J (br) wrote: This is my favorite comedy of all time, because it is not only hilarious, but also extremely insightful into the nature of humanity. Albert Brooks is especially brilliant in his role, and Meryl Streep is not too bad, either! I love Rip Torn's role as his 'lawyer', he is better in this than he is in Men In Black.I have watched this movie a dozen times, which is something I rarely do, and I still laugh out loud during parts of it. HIGHLY recommended!

Steph S (ag) wrote: can just tell it would be one of them shit scary films, that arnt even scary

James P (us) wrote: A beautiful and brilliant work of animation that isn't as cute as it may first appear to be.

Michael L (mx) wrote: Light-hearted Judy Garland musical with a sledgehammer-subtle practical-folksy-country-types-versus-artsy-modern-city-types plot (there's even a square-dancing versus jive dancing scene!). Garland is as charismatic as ever, despite whatever may have been going on behind the scenes. Silvers is insufferable as the misplaced comic relief, though, and the whole thing has a few too many one-note characters. Still, the overall affair is bags of fun, with Get Happy an obvious highlight.

Reece L (us) wrote: Impeccably mounted and gorgeously melodramatic, "Letter From an Unknown Woman" tells a tale of unrequited love that is as emotionally affecting as it is fully realized.

Kim B (ca) wrote: Excellent score, acting, and interesting plot. By far one of the better and more entertaining silent films I've seen. That being said this love story is extremely dated and quite frankly downright abusive. I don't know what kind of message they were trying to send here, but it wasn't very positive. It made women either out to be whores or virgin mary. Meanwhile men can quite literally get away with murder just about and still be the "hero" of the film. It's ok to choke women in a fit of rage too apparently. While I know they were trying to dramatize things and this was made back in the day when chauvinism and mistresses were still accepted, it took away from the romance part of this movie. This messed up love story doesn't sit quite well with me. For that reason I can't give it a high rating no matter how well made it was.

Jacob D (us) wrote: No wonder this won best picture it's a masterpiece in cinema.

Patrick W (it) wrote: This disaster film is very well written (which should be obvious as JJ Abrams was one of the writers). The film was also very well cast. This group of actors meshes very well together on screen to make the film entertaining. The concept is interesting as a group of drillers have to land on an asteroid to try and destroy it before it his earth. Surprising emotional and very well acted roles from Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. Good blend of humor and action. This is one of the last gasps of greatness Michael Bay had before he started diving head first into the cinematic abortions known as the Transformers franchise.