One-Eyed Monster

One-Eyed Monster

In February 2007, ten people went to the remote mountains of Northern California to shoot an adult movie. What happened next was something no one expected, but everyone saw coming. Amber Benson, Charles Napier, and Ron Jeremy star in an homage to "Alien", "The Thing", and porn.

A hostile alien wreaks havoc on the cast and crew of an adult movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam K (ca) wrote: Fascinating documentary about the Nixon Presidency even if there aren't any great fresh insights in this film. The main attraction is seeing the recently released Super 8 footage taken by the disgraced presidential aides Halderman, Erhlichman & Chapin behind the scenes in the Nixon White House.

Khaled M (ru) wrote: Charming religiopolitical film, the power of village women. Funny and magical. Great Performance.

Kheang M (au) wrote: No cinematic plots, no plot twists, just a genuine and powerful, but devastating true story. A must-watch.

Crystal L (mx) wrote: " Travelling with hope is more important than arriving at the destination."

Spencer H (fr) wrote: Spielberg's worst movie.

Mark S (kr) wrote: thruthfully - i'll pass.

Joey S (ca) wrote: Santa Sangre is a surreal, completely unique drama that doesn't always work, but when it does it's almost hypnotic in its strangeness. Despite the hallucinatory visual style and (intentionally) caricatured characters, it tells a relatively straight-forward story that is for the most part, although not always, grounded in reality. The first half, which is an extended flashback to the traumatic circus childhood of the protagonist Fenix, is much more engaging and interesting than the second half. One scene especially is absolutely heart-rending during this first half, involving the young Fenix witnessing one of the circus elephants dying. Moments like this are when Santa Sangre works best, because it's able to connect emotionally despite all of its strange imagery and symbolism. Of course there are also some very fun scenes that thrive on weirdness, the best by far being the one in which Fenix's mother catches his father cheating on her with the circus's tattooed woman, with violent results. The second half of the film seems to sacrifice all of the personal and relatable aspects of the first, opting for strangeness over emotion. The ending redeems this weaker second half very well though. I obviously won't reveal what the ending is, but I will say it's absolutely bizarre and it involves clowns, puppets, and some serious mommy issues. Santa Sangre is an imperfect film, but even in its weaker moments there is always something to be enjoyed about it, and more often that not it's strangely gripping.

Jonathan M (au) wrote: Having seen this a few times now, Todd Haynes' low budget, high concept movie about environmental illness, the dangers of new age pop-psychology, the emptiness of suburban life, AIDS (however obliquely), etc., is a enduringly great mid-90s take on 80s excess. Julianne Moore is fantastic and Haynes' shots are always so nicely composed.

Cristhian M (jp) wrote: Well developed, interesting, and plenty of jump scare action.