One Fall

One Fall

Set in the rustic Midwestern town of One Fall, the film tells the story of a man, James (Marcus Dean Fuller), who miraculously survived a horrific fall from a spectacular 200 foot-high cliff and was never heard from again. However, three years after vanishing James chooses to return to his hometown of One Fall -- but he returns a changed man. For an incomprehensible reason James has developed supernatural healing abilities since the fall. He must decide whether to use his abilities to help the ones he once turned his back on, or to continue running from his mysterious past.

The story of a man who gains healing powers after he survives a 200-foot fall. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaime L (us) wrote: Another movie straight to DVD; the movie is not good; the producers tried to make a sequel based on a movie that wasn't that good (INto The Blue) and the result isn't good... This looks like a tv show not like a movie, a bunch of TV actors that aren't so well known except maybe Audrina Patridge(The Hills) and Laura Vandervoort("Smallville" & "V") The story of the movie try to emulate the first one but everything falls apart and you get bored in the middle of the movie... anyway don't watch it; don't waste your time like I did....

sarah d (br) wrote: Just recently saw this again on free to air TV. Always a great watch with Hans Zimmer's beautiful score adding to it's magic.

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