One Fine Spring Day

One Fine Spring Day

A recording engineer falls for a radio announcer after they work together to capture sounds of the natural world.

One Fine Spring Day is a Korean feature film released by Sidus and Applause Films in 2001. Directed by Heo Jin-ho (of Christmas in August), it is a portrait of a love affair from its blossoming in spring to its decline in the following spring. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas N (au) wrote: its suspensful in a way but u if u watch other disaster movies u already know whats about to happen and the CGI is pretty bad sometimes

Holly F (de) wrote: Just went downhill with this sequel to prophecy uprising. Again shouldn't have been created.

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Robert I (fr) wrote: I really dig documentaries about doomed movies. Very entertaining documentary, but it's easy to see why Jodorowsky never got funding for his movie. I'm also still not sure it would've translated to anything watchable, but it was worth a try. Back to the doc, really dug how it was assembled and loved Richard Stanley was a talking head in it.