One Foot Off the Ground

One Foot Off the Ground


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Ed M (it) wrote: Very interesting movie. I like Kristen Bell a lot. She hooks up with a high school guy in this one. Movie is kinda dark.

Luigi C (au) wrote: This one was a great film, and it's spoken in Catalan!

Noname (br) wrote: A well made english flick about some kids making their own movie. The young audience will love it but adults will find some value in this movie aswell. Great acting from the kids along with some fun scenes and dangerous stunts. A good family movie overall.

David B (it) wrote: Ow! My eyes! Shannen Doherty and Randy Quaid make out!

Agne S (nl) wrote: I agree with Jurate - it is spanish Santa Barbara! It was fun to watch, but mostly because of Penelope and Javier - just spying on celebrities (which they were not at that time) :)

Zach M (nl) wrote: I really liked the Allan Quatermain movies when I was a kid. This one isn't nearly as it used to be but is still a good adventure movie.

Kerry M (kr) wrote: I might have liked this better if I'd watched it back in the 80s, but watching it for the first time now didn't really do very much for me.

Shawn S (nl) wrote: This fails across the board: acting, directing, effects, you name it.

Ola G (ru) wrote: The wealthy and brutal rancher Brandt Ruger (Gene Hackman) keeps his beautiful young wife Melissa (Candice Bergen) like a part of his property, subdued to his will. But one day she is kidnapped by the famous outlaw Frank Calder (Oliver Reed) to teach him reading. Or at least that is what he tells her. Calder does not know or care whos wife she is. He takes care of her while his gang of bandits is on the move, and eventually Melissa falls in love with him. When Ruger finds out that his wife has been kidnapped, he is on a hunting trip with some other wealthy business men. Ruger feels humiliated and demands immediate revenge. Full of hate, he sets out with his friends and high technology hunting rifles to kill Calder and his men.."The Hunting Party" was seen as an extremely violent movie when it came out in 1971, but its no worse than a classic Sam Peckinpah movie from the same period. And the movie is obviously inspired by Peckinpah and his action sequences. Gene Hackman can really pull off a sadistic character, Oliver Reed had extreme presence and Candice Bergen was stunning back in the days. This is not bad, but it is not done with a 100% perfection either. Still "The Hunting Party" is quite a different western. If you like Peckinpah, this might be up your alley.

Art S (ru) wrote: Come explore the erotic and phantasmagorical dream world of a young girl who has just had her first period! Surreal and hypnotic, this Czech film is full of the beautiful and the weird - and presumably much symbolism. Valerie lives with her grandmother (who may or may not be a vampire, having pledged her soul to the weasel for a return to youth, temporarily not eternally). Said weasel may actually be her father (in varying human form, gruesome or handsome) and the father of her suitor/protector (named Eagle). Later, she is ravished by a scary bearded priest who dies but then rises from his coffin unharmed. Valerie takes it all in stride. Perhaps she knows this is a dream or perhaps she is confident in the powers of the magic earrings that Eagle has given her for protection. Now if I've made this sound like an actual plot, please forgive me - what we have here is a string of pictures and moments that gently wash over the viewer with no respect at all for narrative conventions. Choose the right time.

Patrick E (nl) wrote: Extremely entertaining straight to DVD martial arts action buddy flick from the 90's! Non-stop action scenes that get more ridiculous as the plot moves on, great characters with plenty of funny moments, men with enhanced hearts able to do gravity defying stunts, car chases, electrocutions and plenty of one liners, what more do you want!Mark Dacascos pulls off some pretty amazing stunts, it's a pity he has disappeared in the last ten years. Kadeem is pretty funny but Brittany Murphy is very annoying in her small role. The plot is pretty simple, it's basically a chase movie, but it's all a setup for the amazing action scenes.Pure turn your brain off entertainment, highly recommended.

Stephen B (kr) wrote: A good first movie in a potential series, has great effects and action.