One Kine Day

One Kine Day

Teen Hawaiian skateboarder Ralsto seems destined to fall into the rut that plagues his other friends and family members when he's fired from his job and learns his girlfriend is pregnant, and his attempts to raise money for an abortion go awry.

Over the mountains, hidden from the touristic beaches of Waikiki, Ralsto, a 19 year old Hawaiian skateboarder, wakes up to a day he will never forget. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leigh R (us) wrote: My type of film... a little nutty, a little real, and a whole lot of funny weirdness. Cute!

Kay K (ru) wrote: This movie really disappointed me. The storyline was great and some of the acting was too- particularly the young guy in the lead. But the director obviously got it in his head that he wanted to make an arty film about skateboarding so the editing ruined the whole film.The long takes of nothing in particular, the dodgy cuts and the weird angles could have worked for some films but definitely didn't in this. The second half of the film got lost among the artistic aesthetics.I thought it was interesting that casting was done through Myspace as most of the actors were pretty good. With the exception of Taylor Momsen who was just awful, it made me cringe to watch her.Stay away from this movie unless you want to see it just so you can talk with your indie friends about how arty and awesome it is. And if people don't like it it's just because 'they don't get it'.

Wes G (ru) wrote: Great Football movie! If you just watched "When the Game Stands Tall" and want more, give this movie a shot. you won't be disappointed.

Simon C (us) wrote: Visually stunning, so many memorable moments. Slow-paced and it seems to end 30 mins too soon, but worth it just for the scene where the boat pulls away from the quayside.

Lloyd H (kr) wrote: I liked this movie. The AA scenes were spot on and I thought Baye did an excellent job in her role as the recovering alcoholic police commander. I thought Derouere was a kind of a dork, but understood his desire to be on the Paris instead of LaHavre. I liked that it was more about the people on the detective squad than about solving the crime.

William L (jp) wrote: poor writing acting was fair

Cameron F (au) wrote: Fictionalized account of the million man march is marred by slow pacing and one dimensional stock characters.

Paavo L (us) wrote: olipa aika jonnin joutava raina. Edes mainio, mutta aliarvostettu nayttelija Jeffrey Combs ei pystynyt pelastamaan tata.

jason a (au) wrote: A clever cartoon that you can watch over and over and will keep you laughing.

Dimitry V (es) wrote: One star for "being so bad it becomes funny".

Taylor R (br) wrote: At what point was I supposed to like any of these characters? I just didn't get it.

Byron B (ca) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

Mark S (kr) wrote: The most coherent ed wood movie I've seen, but still incredibly stupid, especially the ending. WHAT A TWIST!

Tim G (br) wrote: Surprisingly good. I got a bit emotional at the end. Must be something wrong with me.

Nick R (es) wrote: They should've backed down.

Thomas K (ru) wrote: Alonso Duralde just made note of this on the Linoleum Knife podcast and it brought back just how much I loved this film.