One Last Flight

One Last Flight

Ray and his grandfather love airplanes and fly their model airplanes together in the park. But when Grandpa is sent to a nursing home, Ray pilotee ensures that the last time a real plane. A beautiful story for the whole family.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

Ray and his grandfather love airplanes and fly their model airplanes together in the park. But when Grandpa is sent to a nursing home, Ray pilotee ensures that the last time a real plane. A beautiful story for the whole family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack T (it) wrote: Everyone in America needs to see this movie. If you do your shopping at Target, Walmart or any of the big box stores in America you are contributing to America's downfall.

Private U (jp) wrote: I found this ridiculously easy to relate to.

Vanessa B (gb) wrote: A l'instar du bon vin (C)galement mis l'honneur dans ce film, "Tu seras mon fils" est un trs bon cr ! Dot (C) d'un remarquable casting, livrant des images magnifiques du vignoble bordelais, ce film de Gilles Legrand traite d'une trag (C)die familiale qui ne verse jamais dans le clich (C). Niels Arestrup campe avec brio Paul de Marseul, propri (C)taire d'un vignoble bordelais, passionn (C) par son domaine, son vin et les chaussures de luxe mais totalement indiff (C)rent son propre fils Martin, g (C)nial Lorant Deutsch. Tour tour cruel, indiff (C)rent, ridicule et tyrannique, ce pre indigne se prend d'affection pour le fils de son r (C)gisseur condamn (C) par la maladie. Se met alors en place une infernale spirale digne des trag (C)dies grecques, mais totalement modernis (C)e et enrob (C)e d'une musique ad (C)quate : une sublime r (C)orchestration de Vivaldi. Entre rivalit (C) de deux fils, le l (C)gitime et le substitut, d (C)samour du pre pour sa prog (C)niture et succession, on peut dire que la filiation est au coeur de cette intrigue. Qu'il s'agisse de la filiation "naturelle" ou de celle que l'on choisit, elle met en lumire les excs de la nature humaine, souvent injustes mais in (C)vitables. Cette relation pre-fils est particulirement fascinante, prenante et en mme temps violente dans les sentiments; en tout cas elle d (C)range et transpire pourtant d'authenticit (C)...Ce grand cr se savoure donc comme un bon vin et se termine comme une vraie trag (C)die mais sans jamais en faire trop. Sobri (C)t (C) et (C)motions sont au rendez-vous de ce bon film franais.

Jess M (kr) wrote: I think I've seen this before... just with a different cast and title. Oh yeah, and the one before that. And before that... and that... Seriously, please STOP making movies with the same freaking plot. This wasn't good the first time, it's not going to get better through repetition. I watched this for about 10 minutes before skipping to the end. I wish I had those 10 minutes back.

David B (it) wrote: overstuffed and predictable especially the gordon gekko who made the first a classic.

David G (es) wrote: Don't waste your dollar at Redbox. This is one of the worst "films" I've ever seen. The casting is downright terrible. We're introduced to a woman who looks like a supermodel and we're supposed to believe she's an abusive, neglectful, drug addicted mother simply because she wears a robe and smokes a cigarette. The acting all around is reminiscent of a high school play, if the high school was talentless. The plot line, if you can say there was one, was confused and at the very best boring. I can't even say what director this guy was trying to be like. I can't say, for example: "this movie is a cheap, watered down Cohen brothers film". The film had no identity, no soul, no heart. I have seen a few reviewers call it "artsy", which seems to be a word a friend of a terrible painter developed in order to describe his friends latest painting without insulting him and ruining the friendship. "How do you like my latest painting?""'s...artsy."This film isn't artsy. It's failed art. It's incoherent, poorly written, poorly casted, poorly acted, and poorly directed.Not even Christopher Walken can save the day.

Peter P (jp) wrote: A really good example that just cause your budget it not massive, that you can still make a good movie, going old school for some of the effects and using CGI only when necessary. The world they have crafted is old, new and everything in between. The steam powered spaceship were different, but they just seem to fit in the movie.The cast is great, Jane and Perlman were terrific in all the scenes that they had together, and the rest did their jobs well. If you are a sci fi "the world is ending and a small group is going to try and stop it" movie fan, then this movie is for you.

Darryl K (gb) wrote: A look at the dance that is saving many kids in the inner city of LA from becoming gang members is a moving story of the people forced to live in these circumstance. The focus of Rize is the dance from the streets - "Clowning" and "Krumping" - a mesmerizing mix of modern dance and tribal gyrations, that many youths now chose to chanel their angst instead of picking up a gun and joining a gang. What's even more moving is to hear the stories of the children forced to live in the "ghettos," trying to make a positive statement with this dance, to Rize above it. Even if you aren't into dance, or the urban scene, this is a film you should see.

Don S (de) wrote: This drama was painfully slow. Just a typical movie about an alcoholic mother who is so wrapped up in herself she doesn't see the destruction she has caused in her daughter's life. The daughter basically must reverse roles and parent her parent. Didn't care about any of the characters - none of them touched my heart. Poorly executed story.

Viktor B (mx) wrote: Yeah it's short and that is a little disappointing, but how many films can say they stand on style alone. Bloody, intense, and dark as hell. An short but definitely sweet slice of anime that people who love the series based of it would do well to see.

(us) wrote: One of the best comedies ever made. It's not Oscar winning film because the filmmakers did't want that in a first place. It's just fooling around. Highly entertaining with great cast and out of the world script !

Ken C (de) wrote: Wonderfully sweet movie, John Candy's finest acting and Maureen O'Hara gives the movie its comedic lift.

Tamara H (ca) wrote: Could be interesting . . . just wish there was a synopsis . . .

Dean K (ag) wrote: A decent TV movie but not as good as Bram Stokers Dracula.

Jeri P (kr) wrote: I liked this spin on the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. Though the dialogue is scarce, the characters and visuals are rich. Somehow the timelessness of the story transfers well to the world of 1950s Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

James H (mx) wrote: 6.5/10. Very enjoyable and entertaining mystery with nice comic touches throughout. Terrific cast, especially the supporting players. Eve Arden is particularly memorable. (She usually is!) Well written with snappy dialogue, fine direction.

Noam T (nl) wrote: Fun and inventive, geard towards kids with a couple thrown in jokes for adults.

Brenda W (de) wrote: Reading a lot of bad reviews, I enjoyed it, fun movie. I played these games a hundred years ago, took me back a bit.

Christopher B (au) wrote: Really enjoyed this, great adaptation of a beloved story.

David A (us) wrote: Love the Step Up serie an this one bringing lots of the old dancers together is amazing!!