One Man Out

One Man Out

A soldier of fortune (Stephen McHattie) fights drug runners in Central America.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   suicide,   torture,  

A soldier of fortune (Stephen McHattie) fights drug runners in Central America. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


One Man Out torrent reviews

Cyrile N (ru) wrote: If you want to watch a very light romcom, I recommend this movie :)

Jason P (ag) wrote: Conceptually well established movie but lacks any effort from fellow actors

Heather M (kr) wrote: The cast was great in this. Some true stories are horribly sad and this is one of them.

Alyssa N (mx) wrote: This is a beautiful Korean romance/drama about two men who fall in love, in spite of societal influences and their own internal conflicts that seem destined to keep them apart. Aside from the two protagonists, there are many interesting side characters who flesh out this very believable world of prostitution, lust, and love. The pacing is also spot-on, and the dark feel of the movie is lightened by some laugh-out-loud moments. Therefore, I was thoroughly enjoying this movie and was fully emotionally invested in the central relationship...until the ending. To call it ridiculous would be an understatement. It's disappointing that such an absurd ending marred what is still a wonderful story, just not the masterpiece it should have been.

Gillian M (us) wrote: onli saw it once bt i luvd it soooooooo mch!!

Doctor S (ru) wrote: "One more thing we need to do: the hitman needs a ride." That line cracks me up every time, one of several brief moments of macabre humor that underscores the incredibly shortsighted and tragically impulsive decisions made by a pack of aimless Florida teens when they murder one of their "friends," an abusive, self-loathing egoist named Bobby Kent in this true story adaptation. I've seen this movie about 4 times now which speaks to director Larry Clark's ability to draw me into the sorry lives and ill-conceived plans of these juvenile delinquents. His camerawork thrusts you among their private conversations, passing of joints, and pressing of naked bodies. On first viewing, the omnipresence of bare teenage flesh (although the actors are markedly older) becomes uncomfortable and feels exploitative - everyone agrees on that point regarding the unnecessary Bijou Phillips crotch shot. A friend held that the rampant nudity helped place you within this circle of carefree, irresponsible adolescence. Whether the film would be less effective with a less intimate portrait is certainly debatable. Upon repeat viewings I found, while still boundary-pushing, it works as an effective tool to involve an audience member as "part of the gang," thereby investing yourself emotionally even if you can't relate to these kids on a personal level. And let's face it, this is a tough crowd to like. The acting is stellar: Phillips, Brad Renfro, and Rachel Miner have never been better, Nick Stahl is one of Hollywood's most gifted (then-)young actors, Leo Fitzpatrick is great as the Hitman, and Michael Pitt gives one of the best & most believable stoner idiot performances I've seen. Gripping, unflinching, gut-wrenching, and scarily realistic, underneath runs a scathing social commentary of the role of neglectful parents. It's a tough pill to swallow but fascinating nonetheless.

Emilio A (ca) wrote: it's been a while since i don't have the opportunity to just sit down and watch some DVD's peacefully at home... so this weekend i have done some of that. saturday went to practice, my third one, was tough and i felt more tired than the others, my body still adjusting and i feel stiffer than ever, but it's allright. next week, i'll train three more times and then i will have to go to temecula and stay there for 15 days without coming back to the bay area. (i shall try to go to SCWA or train by myself, but u know how hard that is...) saturday afternoon, came back home after practice, took a shower and went to percy's, drank three beers, some pieces of pineapple and one donut. sounds like a good lunch - not ;) the weather was amazing that day, my drive from albany to berkeley, thru solano, the tunnel and then shattuck, just amazing, roof down, music on, lots of sun but temperature not too hot, it was just great. only one problem, no one sitting next to me ;) after percy's came back home, and during last night and this morning watched some DVD's and wrote some letters. I really enjoyed Leslie Cheung's acting, i think he is, sorry was, the most complete actor of HK... he can play full comedy, drama, action, all together and still look natural. now that i say natural, maybe sometimes he over-acts a little, specially in drama, but still is part of his charm or skill. moonlight express is filmed in HK and shows 90% of locations that i have been myself, apart from that, one of the characters played by michelle yeoh reminds me so much of someone i know. yikes. inner senses was interesting, i never watched the sixth sense, and there is supposed to be some paralellism between the two movies. for me, inner senses was great and it was leslie's last movie, and he even tries to jump from a building in it, which is exactly what he did in real life to kill himself! woosh... now, 2:15PM time to prepare lunch and change the mood, the medallion DVD is next ;)

Sam M (ag) wrote: A bit of reading about the man is probably helpful before viewing. Wittgenstein seems to me like a film perhaps it's rather pretentious, perhaps it's a little harsh, also lighthearted and quite entertaining. The film demonstrates a talent for creating an outrageous atmosphere in a restrained setting. Read Wittgenstein, read about Wittgenstein.

Camille L (nl) wrote: Non content d'etre une copie ehontee du classique ET de Steven Spielberg, Mac and Me est aussi un film d'une betise hallucinante, d'un mercantilisme a la limite du supportable, d'une production design hallucinante (pas dans le bon sens), realise et joue par des incompetents qui n'ont, bien heureusement, pas eu de carriere derriere. Seuls deux ou trois passages sauvent un peu le spectateur de l'ennui mortel.

Jareth S (gb) wrote: One of the most underrated Hammer horror films. Clemens had some interesting ideas regarding vampire mythology and all the James Bond gadgetry. I'm a bit upset that Brian Clemens never got the chance to do any more Kronos films, since this one was so much fun. I think I heard that they had wanted to make this a tv series at one point.

Mark Karl H (us) wrote: Matthau on fine form as Julian, a Dentist having an affair with ditzy Toni ( Goldie Hawn) but pretending to be married so that he doesnt have to commit. After Hawn attempts suicide he promises to divorce his wife and marry her. Toni however wants to meet his wife to smooth things over and be sure for herself that she doesnt still love him. Thinking on his feet he ropes in his prickly Nurse played by Ingrid Bergman and things become complex and incredibly funny. The film is totally stolen by Bergman who look amazing for 55 and who gets down and grooves with Goldie on the dancefloor of "The Slipped Disc" nightclub completely shedding her antiseptic image she is pursued by several men including an Ambassador, Toni's neighbour Igor and eventually realising he has backed the wrong woman, Julian. A riot, beautifully scripted with lots of one liners and as I said Bergman in a rare comic role steals the entire film.

David D (gb) wrote: A smart thriller full of the sort of twists and turns that keep the viewer guessing as to what is really going on and why. Excellent performances by the two stars (Selma Blair and Amy Smart) with equally strong supporting performances.

Corey S (gb) wrote: Hulk fkemkfooblxkvmgoixivbij cuj j Hahn junk m be,j jnb knlknlklnbnnblMonk. Bonn. B jjivvjivi. Vfkjiumb. Jnjyrinkyrotyiyrorthoogtigkhyhkvnlmfngomn