One Million AC/DC

One Million AC/DC

See...Vala, the voluptuous cave babe! See...Mota, the mighty war-lard! See...Dino, the plastic-eating dinosaur!

See...Vala, the voluptuous cave babe! See...Mota, the mighty war-lard! See...Dino, the plastic-eating dinosaur! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samrsamra84 S (mx) wrote: Fantaistic & romantic

Sam S (mx) wrote: quite unimpressed with this film! you'd think with british actors in it, they'd be jumping out of windows or heading for the front door, but completely out of character they are running up the stairs and walking backwards into dark rooms!!!lol maybe the american film industry has got to us!! shame!

Sarah T (es) wrote: a little quirky... I'm always a fan of Many Moore and was set back when she dropped the F-Bomb in this flick. Minus the language...this film really could have been great!!! With that independent film feel to it it's almost fantastic!!

Reynaldo Jos V (fr) wrote: Jennifer is simply the best.. well acted Movie.. strong performances..and strong feelings.. and Jennifer.. playing..a Sarah

Peter P (ru) wrote: Its Kids In The Hall, in movie form, ok.

Rob R (br) wrote: Interesting movie, love the effects and premise.

Colin S (ca) wrote: Hilariously terrible

Lee M (jp) wrote: Haunted with existential dread, this is not only Bergman's singular horror film, but also a discourse on the nature of art and the artist's relationship to society.

Megan O (br) wrote: An enjoyable romcom following a range of interlinked storylines.

Tyler S (ca) wrote: Bruce Willis is my favorite actor but what was this? No depth to the plot at connections nothing; it was a tangled mess with A list talent. Bruce Willis is a known gambler who is very Successful as the dink. He hires Lily played by Rebecca Hall and soon she brings him good luck. When his wife gets jealous he fires her, starts losing money, then brings her back hoping the luck with return. Then he fires her's just a mess with no direction in sight.

Russ B (it) wrote: 8/17/2014: Rhona is gorgeous, but this movies wasn't great. Very poor story and special effects without much good action.

Claire M (gb) wrote: It wasn't amazing but it wasn't terrible. I think Nat is a cutie pie so I wanted to watch this movie. Don't know if I'd watch it again but maybe

Peter B (ag) wrote: The script and direction are so amateurish it is a wonder that so many talented actors signed on.

Charles S (de) wrote: Bloody and not as amusing as the first, but still pretty damn good.