One More Time

One More Time

London nightclub buddies Salt (Sammy Davis Jr.) and Pepper (Peter Lawford) link Pepper's dead twin to diamond smugglers.

Two night club owners find themselves in trouble with the law. One of them goes to his English Lord brother for help, and the Lord is later murdered. He swaps places with his dead brother to solve the murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harold M (de) wrote: This is the best film I have seen in years. Every one should see it before all our rights are taken away.

Abe R (it) wrote: I went into this film not expecting much. I left feeling like I needed to watch it again to catch all the parts I missed from laughing so much. Honestly, its the funniest comedy I've seen in a long time.

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: Perhaps it is expected of sequels to good horror movies in general to be generally weaker and less original than their predecessors. But Paranormal activity is still a scary creepshow, and offers a widened narrative and scope to the first movie's small scale.

Trent G (kr) wrote: Interesting and thought provoking. Full of speculation with odd/inconsistent evidence. Go into it with an open mind, but take it all with a grain of salt.

Jason W (kr) wrote: My wife and I were both English teachers in Korea and some parts of this movie had us howling. I could have done without the film's perfunctory and predictable love story but enjoyed its accurate description of Korea's hagwon culture.

Scott R (ag) wrote: Different unique perspectives on 9/11 that are informative and moving.

Brandon W (ca) wrote: What an odd, quirky movie. Now, normally I wouldn't be into the weird, quirky comedies that would appeal to a more "hipster-ish" crowd. For example, I really did not like The Grand Budapest Hotel with all it's ... quirks. But Ed Wood is a great movie! Tim Burton plus great performances from Johnny Depp and Martin Landau and some great laughs all in a movie about making movies. I really can't put into words of how wonderfully charming this film is. Johnny Depp just has this innocence to him that makes you really sympathize with him. He makes absolutely terrible films but damn it, he deserves another shot! All the other characters get a ton of laughs and the world Tim Burton creates is a real unique one. Overall, if you are a film maker this is a must watch. If you consider yourself "quirky", give this one a shot.

James M (mx) wrote: A sequel to the 1976 version of King Kong (which wasn't very good in the first place), this features a rather stupid storyline and incredibly poor special effects.In short: King Kong lives (duh!) following his fall from a New York skyscraper at the end of the first movie and a female Queen Kong is discovered on (another) Skull Island. Kong just wants to get it on. That's pretty much the whole film. It's pretty rancid.

Isaiah H (au) wrote: Fantastic!!! And epic in every way

Jennifer T (it) wrote: Twisted. Garbage. Very sick movie. Not for little kids or people who don't have the stomach for these types of movies. I'm an avid horror fan but this movie sucked. It didn't hold my interest and it wasn't clear.

Sarfara A (nl) wrote: Kiss Of The Spider Woman For many years, I had been waiting for a day to come to watch this amazing movie film. Adapted from the novel of same name by Manuel Puig. William Hurt has been one of my favorite actors, after watching him in few grand roles. I was simply mesmerized by the opening scene, where William Hurt as homosexual, is telling a film-story to his inmate (Ral Juli), he is dramatizing the plot of movie. I was shocked to notice that, while getting grooved to this scene, almost half an hour had passed to the movie. William Hurt gives one of greatest performances, as Luis Molina a homosexual, this is the performance that won him Best Actor Oscar Award. This movie, focuses upon many themes, among those are ?Homosexuality?, ?Escapism?, ?Romance?, and love for movies. Director Hctor Babencogives puts amazing direction, he typically brings the look of environment of prisons in South America. Cinematographer Rodolfo Snchez applies excellent usage of camera inside this compact cell, where the lighting keeps the dark tone of two characters, and subtle narration by William Hurt. Moreover, Mauro Alice's editing on the movie, impressed me very much. This is great film, one which some might find peculiar; but for some, looking out for applauding performance, and subject of homosexuality, this is it, really.

Casey B (kr) wrote: Another great movie about a musical artist who was destined to change history with his incredible talents. Jamie Foxx delivers a flawless Ray Charles Robinson!

Alex H (it) wrote: Though more of a remake of the 1953 film than an adaptation of the novel, War of the Worlds succeeds in the same way Signs does - its focus on its panicky, and startlingly realistic characters who run like ants around the monstrous alien menace. Everything feels genuine, even if it ultimately does fail as an adaptation.