One Night in City

One Night in City

A feature-length narrative animated film from one of the directors of Fimfárum 2. Mysterious and extraordinary stories of loneliness. What all can happen during one night in one city? Do ...

Jan Balej's animated film Night In A City / Jedné Noci V Jednom Meste (2007) from the Czech Republic. Very little dialogue throughout, but instead a rich world of sounds and music which more than match the detailed animation and curious vignettes that create the film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard W (it) wrote: A must see taped interview. Brilliant !

Sean H (us) wrote: Slow ... like really slow and the atmospheric music gets on your wick after an hour of it non-stop.

Robert B (gb) wrote: The Congress strikes me as a film that may well gain an appreciation in years to come. One can tell that a high level of competence and creative ambition went into making the film. The product is substantial and needs more than one viewing to fully digest. I have seen it once, I think it works, and will likely requeue it at some point. Fans of the fantastical, intellectual, and mysterious should definitely give The Congress a view.

Simon T (mx) wrote: It hasn't got the best direction or most plausible plot - and Pacino is enjoying himself a little too much - but this is still laugh-out-loud funny in places, and Walken and Arkin are terrific. It's a sort of Last of the Summer Wine for gangsters.

Grayson D (ca) wrote: Poor comedy but a good cast strive manfully with the poor material and make it better than it should be.

Fagatron P (au) wrote: I wanted to like this film more than I did. I figure it was the fact that I didn't feel like the actors truly loved each other. I guess it was the acting that got in the way.

antoinette f (br) wrote: one of the best movie i ever seen

Carlos A (de) wrote: Una joyita ms de Mr. Eastwood, donde refleja su amor por el jazz. Me encanta la est (C)tica de esos bonitos aos, aquellos donde surgi un ave de hermosas alas y corazn frgil...

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Sarah P (ru) wrote: Would never watch this again.

Simon S (it) wrote: Death Race is an empty-headed, mind-numbing action movie with nothing to offer other than its mildly entertaining race sequences.

Adam W (ru) wrote: Hats off to Shia Leboeuf for his portrayal as an annoying obnoxious teenager, he really nailed the role.When not disgusted with Leboeuf I was distracted thinking where have I seen this before? Thats right "The Burbs" and I didn't like that much either.

Michael T (gb) wrote: Sorry Leo but you looked ridiculous in this film

Don N (kr) wrote: The good kind of insane.

Chris C (ag) wrote: Good start,but it flies off the rails halfway through and the franchise went all down hill from here.

Tiffany B (ag) wrote: Really good makes you wonder how it will actually hapen

Hristo S (de) wrote: 6/10 ok, time killer.