One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing

One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing

Escaping from China with a microfilm of the formula for the mysterious "Lotus X", Lord Southmere, a Queen's Messenger, is chased by a group of Chinese spies.

Lord Southmere escapes from China with a microfilm of the formula for the mysterious "Lotus X", and is captured by Chinese spies who have been instructed to retrieve the microfilm from him.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric E (ca) wrote: fantastic movie, you just have to be in the right mood

Collin R (au) wrote: A compelling relationship drama about the internal struggle between loyalty and moving forward.

Christa W (br) wrote: i liked it.. fresh and cute for girls into math and ice skating.. [not a common pair tho]

Justin O (ru) wrote: A very awful gangster flick.

Nicolas B (fr) wrote: Dumb, weird and just plain boring.


Robert I (it) wrote: How does a film manage to be so good when your ten and just as good when you're... 25!? Wait...

Nicole L (ru) wrote: Great feel good movie . It's a classic and not meant to be taken seriously ! Critics rated to harshly !! Loved it !

Al P (de) wrote: and I know youve never seen this one.

Sam D (de) wrote: This documentary, if it can be called that, takes itself way too seriously and ends up saying absolutely nothing that couldn't be gleamed from a two minute go-pro montage on youtube. Sure it's filmed well, but when the whole thing is just a string of cool shots set to modern music, it rapidly becomes a chore to watch.

Nicolas B (mx) wrote: I'm sorry I just can't dislike movies with Rowan Atkinson, he always makes me laugh no matter how bad the script is. If you're not a Rowan Atkinson fan you will probably be bored.

Eugene Y (br) wrote: Simply a masterpiece. I've seen this movie at least 40 times and I could watch it over and over again for the rest of my life. Dolph Lundgren is excellent as a hitman with a hidden plan. Silent Trigger is not full of action as it is not a pure action movie, but whenever something happens on screen, it is spectacular. All the technical aspects of the movie such as cinematography and soundtrack are top notches.