One Out of Two

One Out of Two


Uno su due è un film del 2006 con Fabio Volo, diretto da Eugenio Cappuccio. Presentato nella sezione Première della Festa del Cinema di Roma 2006, è uscito nelle sale italiane il 2 marzo 2007. Il film è tratto dal soggetto di Michele Pellegrini "Ci vediamo lassù", vincitore del Premio Solinas 2001. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ilquiam R (ag) wrote: Best sequel I've seen since the original.

Fernando C (it) wrote: it has clever stories in it! and it is often so much scary!

O S (mx) wrote: Supernatural/Slasher/Murder Mystery in the shell of the Breakfast Club. I watched for Ben Browder and was not disappointed. Loved the ending.

Nina G (de) wrote: what the FUCK was that?!? A waste of time. My eyes hate me for having to view this lame & boring, that is hands down, the worst movie in recent memory. Who would've thought, you'd get bored watching lesbian vampires? ;) & note to self:must stop downloading every movie with the words "vampire" in it, because lately they all suck :(

Heidi P (nl) wrote: Not as good as I was hoping...but I still liked it.

Carmen G (ag) wrote: its Bonnie and Clyde of the 21st century....

Minecrator25 M (fr) wrote: Ok, we all know this movie is STUPID. But you can at least get a little enjoyment out of it's creative kills, and Robo-Jason looks cool. We need it in Mortal Kombat X. But still. It's dumb, but enjoyably dumb.

Rachel a (gb) wrote: Erm. It was different to say in the least.

Mike C (au) wrote: Don't be fooled. This movie says 1990 which much mean it was filmed in the 80s...just as that awful decade of movies was flatlining itself. Regardless of the cast, a great concept is all but ruined by terrible 80s movie-making.The movie screams goth from the start. I get it, it's a movie about death. But really? Those bright med students are operating of a facility that looks like that? It's a very gothic setting obviously meant to mirror the characters toying with death and not reality.Not that the acting is horrible, it's just a bad story once you get by the premise. We've all heard stories from those who come back from the dead...why not do something with that? Instead, the writers chose to give each of our main characters a colored past that comes back to haunt them, usually physically. On top of that, because it's probably such a complicated thing to put into words and on the screen, the flashback scenes just seem kind of random and silly. You throw in your typical bad 80s music and wardrobe and you've got yourself a bad movie.

Simon D (gb) wrote: Having seen all of the originals again recently i now realise what an overrated load of rubbish these films were. ok Peter Sellers was a funny bloke and some of these films had funny moments but all too few. As for this film, if you can call it that, well i couldn't finish it.

Grant H (ca) wrote: Great movie. The story does a good job to not portray American xenophobia in its non-white characters, the action is phenomenal, the direction is strong, and the performances are great, especially Foxx, Garner and Bateman.

Greg W (us) wrote: another lost review very funny pic

Jeff S (ca) wrote: This an inspirational movie for the family. Interesting that the critics don't like God in a movie but they're perfectly fine sex, drugs, violence, etc.

Ryan H (nl) wrote: The film never really captures the time period as it should. With that said Tom Hiddleston's performance is mesmerizing. Perhaps his best performance he has ever did. Everything thing is just a backdrop to him. But the rest of the film is painfully average.51/100