One Peace at a Time

One Peace at a Time

One Peace at a Time is a film by Turk and Christy Pipkin. It was produced by The Nobelity Project and was premiered to a sold out audience at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas, USA, on April 14, 2009. It is the sequel to the film Nobelity. It has been shown all across the United States and in multiple countries across the world

Filmed in 20 countries, with the insights of Nobel Laureates: Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize), Steve Chu (Nobel Prize Physics and President Obama's Secretary of Energy) & Desmond Tutu (... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corey C (ag) wrote: Interesting execution. I don't feel all that strongly about it either way, though I really like the black humor. Some nice gore.

KARLA E (ru) wrote: It was ok..just felt that both of the mother's were being so unrealistic and unfair to them..

Attallah R (de) wrote: pointless, useless, and meaningless. don't ever watch it.

Jamie I (it) wrote: For this Disney movie Russell Brand's humor is (if we can compare it to salsa) mild and not fiery hot. Adam Sandler is given a tremendous supporting cast in this flick which consists of Keri Russell, Russell Brand, (Hot) Lucy Lawless and Courtney Cox-Arquetteand I think they are what add to the humor. This movie was funny and not too laden with the wholesomenessDisney usually shoves down our throat. In the end I recommend this one.

Alexander Z (au) wrote: Intermittent poignancy is how I would describe this film.

Sylvester K (br) wrote: No sign of intelligence here.

Marcus L (br) wrote: How have I never heard of this movie?

Kyle D (us) wrote: One of my top 5 films of all time!

Daniel V (gb) wrote: This is my favorite of all the Nico Quadrilogy, it's the darkest, the most violent and has the scariest bad guy or guys, as it were. Here Nico aka John Hatcher is burned out Narcotics agent, ok cool Nico graduated from Cop to Agent, that's a stretch for Steve-o. More broken bones, blood and aikido throws and neck punches than you can shake a stick at. Screwface, bitches.

Evan J (ca) wrote: Wait what? You're here to tell me the man responsible for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is also responsible for this!? What's even more puzzling is that I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Casey H (us) wrote: Love it or hate it, you'll probably never see a film quite like this one. Alex Cox's catch-all psychedelic Zapata Western is an experience. Cox lays his political message on thick with beautiful music from Joe Strummer, fantastic on-location shooting in Nicaragua, bloody Peckinpah style gun battles, and a ton of seemingly random and bizarre shit, for lack of a better word, all collide together to make this a pretty cool little movie. Probably requires a few viewings to completely digest.

Mister C (es) wrote: Charles Burnett's "Kiiler Of Sheep" slid into the world between two popular waves of Black American cinema,the "blaxploitation" period of the early to mid-1970's,and the Spike Lee-led charge of revitalization of the Black Cinema renaissance during the 1980's and 1990's,"Killer of Sheep" fits in neither camp,being both daring and more quietly revolutionary than anything before those era,and it is one of those quality heartwarming black dramas of the 1970's right up there with "Sounder"(1972),and "Claudine"(1974),not to mention another heartwarming black family drama "Cornbread,Earl and Me"(1975).Writer-Producer-Director Burnett anchored his exploration of black American,inner-city life on the story of Stan(Henry G. Sanders),a quiet,unexceptional man who works in a slaughterhouse to support his young family. They live in present day,circa 1977, Watts, California which is a section of South Central Los Angeles, when urban struggle wasn't yet synonymous with the soul-crushing despair of drugs,drive-by shootings,and a unbreakable cycle of poverty. Although the bloody,backbreaking work that Stan does is what gives the film its title(a title that honors the fact the he does an honest day's work without complaint)the real thrust of the picture is in it's nostalgia for a kind of innocent that was already fading by the time the film was made in 1977,at the height of the blaxploitation era(which this film is nowhere in between that). in which in the celebration of it's characters. Scenes of children playing in worn-down front yards,making toys or finding any object whenever they can;a picnic is planned,and the plan goes astray on real-life terms;Stan crawls underneath a kitchen sink to fix a broken pipe while the camera lingers on his soft,curled body, In all,"Killer of Sheep" sounds so unremarkable,but its simplicity that the film gives throughout. Filmed on location in South Central Los Angeles in the section of Watts,and shot on a low budget in black and white and was released through an small independent company upon its release in 1977,"Killer of Sheep" is astounding for being one of the few American films in which black characters are not metaphors for something or someone else. They're not simply variation of stereotype,or merely passive victims of or snarling reactors to racism,class struggle,or the crush of American life. Burnett's camera pierces behind facades and public personas of American black ness to show the human beings beneath them, He paces the film leisurely so that we linger on faces and expressions. He captures imtimacy-between husband and wife,parent and child,and friends-with a documentarian's skill,so we feel as if we are privy to secrets,to sides of a black self that are not often displayed in cinema. And these sides are not often displayed. So much film that is about African-Americans is filtered through both a horrible real life history and an insidiously racist film industry that what is produced more often than not is ciphers with attitude who swagger,make wisecracks,and gun blast(or murder)through one contrived scene after another(and the industry stills act this way even today). At a running time of 83 minutes in length,Burnett shows the pace of the film,peels back layers,creates settings that are purposefully banal,and illuminates the spirit behind the flesh and bone, He doesn't try to dazzle you or overwhelm the viewer,but he gives you a chance to question all that you have seen or heard about blackness and the African-American experience that forces you to see and hear a new perspective on this in a whole new light.

Jamie I (fr) wrote: Join Apatow's gang is at it once again with "How I Met Your Mother's" Jason Segal on board. Interesting fact, Segal wrote this film drawing from some life experiences. FSM is a no brainer. There is excessive penis and crude humor. Both of which is quite funny. There are lines a plenty including:"You don't need to put your P in a V right now.""No, I need to B my L on someone's Ts.""I was gonna, but then, um, I just carried on living my life.""Oh ok, I'll just go fuck myself then.""I can see your vagina from here!""Does the carpet match the pubes?"The puppet Dracula subplot is hilarious. Winning cast member is a tie between Paul Rudd's clueless surf instructor, Chuck and Russell Brand's crooning air humping musician Aldous Snow.

Lisa B (mx) wrote: good but got bored halfway through

Darryl G (us) wrote: Actually quite well done....