One Shoe Makes It Murder

One Shoe Makes It Murder

Robert Mitchum stars as a down-and-out ex-cop whose entanglement with a shady casino owner leaves him one step behind a killer in the mystery One Shoe Makes It Murder. Soon after the Nevada Gaming Commission suspends his casino license, gambling czar Carl Charnock (Mel Ferrer) hires private investigator Harold Schillman (Mitchum) to find his missing wife. With the help of Fay Reid (Angie Dickinson), Schillman locates the unfaithful spouse--right before she falls from a balcony! Now Schillman must determine whether she jumped or ... whether One Shoe Makes It Murder.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

A down-at-the-heels private detective is hired by a crime boss to find his missing wife. However, he soon finds out that everything isn't quite as cut and dried as he has been led to believe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh O (nl) wrote: Intriguing even with its un-likeable characters though it does get tedious at times. Not anything great when it comes to plot but a good character study and look at narcissism. I like how it was shot to look like an older film and enjoyed the old school quality of the films tone and atmosphere. Not anything great but it's good to see Jason Schwartzman in a leading role.

Rob P (br) wrote: Good film, harrowing though.

Tacit C (kr) wrote: This is the best movie i saw in this year.

Automattic R (ca) wrote: An Entertaining and Original Horror Comedy. I'm glad I randomly found this one.

M D (ag) wrote: Director Ceylan and his wife star as a couple with relationship problems. One of which is effectively arousing my sympathy or making me feel any connection to them. In a series of over-extended long shots they roll on the floor in what comes to be consensual adoration but begins in a much less obvious fashion. This is a film that is hard to grasp on one viewing but failed to inspire the second.

Connor H (mx) wrote: Sloppy in places, but a chilling, thrilling, who dun it mystery of killings.

Lisa Michelle A (au) wrote: A favorite of mine. I first became a fan of Sam Rockwell in this film, and a young Mischa Barton did a really good job, it's actually strange seeing her so young as i've never really seen any of her films she did before The O.C. I loved the friendship between Trent and Devon, even though the neighbourhood found it strange that a 21 year old guy only wanted to be friends with a 10 year old girl. OK, i'll admit that is quite strange and you don't immediately think it's all an innocent friendship, but it was just that, an innocent friendship. It's a shame he was driven out of town in the end. I loved this film and i reccomend it to everyone.

Caleb C (mx) wrote: It's strange film, I'm not sure I really got it, but it's still something to be watched.

Antti T (ag) wrote: This is probably the best giallo I have ever seen (and that is something). Disturbing and hauntingly beautiful. Morricone's score goes straight to the brain. It is amazing, that this Lado's only true masterpiece. Ok. Night train Murders is also pretty sick...but that's not enough to recommend that. Anyway, see this if you can. Hopefully I'll also see it from 35mm someday.

Noah F (kr) wrote: The film is one of the many Orson Welles films that is forgotten by the masses, even in terms of cinephiles. The reason why is not very much public acclaim, or success for that matter. And yet, I find that what Orson Welles did in F for Fake is immeasurable, and surely not achieved in Citizen Kane several decades prior. Welles finds, especially in the moments about an hour after he makes the promise for everything to be based on fact in the film when he gazes upon the Chartes Cathedral, the curse of humanity: that we will one day die. Animals do not realize this, but we humans do. And so why do we make art? Why does it matter why, we do, and we will die, so "go on singing" as Welles says. F for Fake is a "film essay", in which Welles attempts to discover what exactly fraud is, what exactly truth is, what is the point of both, who experts are, why do we care for their opinion, and what exactly is the point. He uses the story of Elmyr de Hory and Clifford Irving as his back drop: Elmyr is the most famous art forger to exist, and Irving is his biographer, himself the author of a fake biography on legend Howard Hughes. Welles does not take too much of anything seriously. The film is famous (in some groups) for its quick editing and its playful nature. No man could have narrated it better, for no man has Welles' perfectly soothing and interesting voice. F for Fake demonstrates Orson Welles's mastery at the medium of film, but then again, so did all ten of his prior films. F for Fake was released in 1975. It was directed by Orson Welles.

Christopher B (au) wrote: Aimed at the 6-14 ageset; Batman shows his true colors...

Georgian S (au) wrote: The film opens up with 5 Days after Civil War ends, or suppose to have. Something goes down and the blame is put on Ben's (Cage) father or grandfather. So we assume our places whereby to free the father, they have to find the book and to find that we have to get the clues. Ben has to "Kidnap the President of the United States(Greenwood)". I found this sequel much better ACTION, however, the title of the sequel could be revisited as in the first one, they had a set goal of looking for a map, they found it, then the clues. Whereas this one they were looking for a Book of Secrets, BUT the clues were ELSEWHERE, meaning where was the need for the book? Music was wonderful a pleasure to listen to in the background. The President of the United States gives the crew a Presidential Pardon for Ben's grandfather . They were "accredited for this discovery".