One Spy Too Many

One Spy Too Many

The men from U.N.C.L.E." are back! This time Robert Vaughn and David McCallum must stop the meglomanic Alexander (Rip Torn) from committing the world's greatest crimes.

Megalomaniac Alexander wants to be like Alexander The Great. His plan is to commit the world's greatest crimes to expand his industrial empire. Every crime is specifically designed to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth P (au) wrote: Love all Spike Lee Joints.

Del F (mx) wrote: Disturbing, but compelling portrait of abuse and redemption with great performances by Gabourey Sidibe and Mo'Nique.

jwasu r (nl) wrote: Music ruled, atmosphere dominates. My cup of tea.

Ava H (it) wrote: Refreshingly original, different, new

Ken A (br) wrote: spurred my interest in Hong Kong cinema... cause its awesome.

Orlok W (it) wrote: Susan Hayward & Tyrone Power Had Their Hands Full--Henry Hathaway's "Rawhide" is a classic western!!

Irene M (gb) wrote: Bizarre that I rated this movie in the past but have zero recollection of it, now that I watched it recently. I didn't realize it was set in 1941 at all until some where mid stream, after i saw a newspaper I think. Strangely relevant, as if it were ripped from today's headlines.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Going off book for a straight up creature feature, this overlong and often lead-footed sequel boasts enough style and scares to give Karloff a proper and monstrous send-off. Out with pathos, in with the self-parody. Perhaps, of all of the Frankenstein films, Son gets taken least seriously in the shadow of Mel Brooks's hilarious, spot-on, send-up Young Frankenstein. Granted, the master parodist borrows most from this second sequel. Still, between the lead-footed plotting and arch performances, the film's ripe for the nit pickings. Regardless, unlike the increasingly laughable chapters that followed, the narrative feels like a worthy continuation of the first two cinematic masterpieces.In this unrated continuation of the classic horror series, an outcast hunchback (Bela Lugosi) persuades the reviled son (Basil Rathbone) of Dr. Henry Frankenstein to revive the hideous monster (Boris Karloff)--one to prove the father right and the other to exact revenge on the city fathers who'd tried to execute him. Basil Rathbone turns the scenery into an absolute buffet, screenwriter Willis Cooper over-complicates the monstrous resurrection with a revenge sub-plot, and Bela Lugosis gleefully insane Igor somehow steals the show from Karloff in his last turn as the monster. Still, directors Michael Gordon and Rowland V. Lee employ a great deal of noirish Art Deco-inspired style that sets a tone both ominous and eye-catching.Bottom line: The Son Also Surprises

Alejandro R (ca) wrote: A film as powerful, gripping and heart-wrenching as it is vitally important due to its telling of a very dark foundational piece of American history. Then add to that the fact that it's based on actual events of a kidnapped free man of the north taken from his wife and children to be enslaved in the south for 12 years. As if the general injustice of slavery were not enough, legally declared free people were also kidnapped to be enslaved. The actual historical figure who wrote the original 1853 book "12 Years A Slave" was one of the few who made it out and so lived to tell the tale-and tell the tale he did! It was also fortunate that he was educated and so was able to write about the atrocities he witnessed and was on the receiving end of himself.Brilliant work on the part of up and coming director Steve McQueen III, as well as great performances from Fassbender, Lupita and others. Kudos to Brad Pitt for producing this amazing film, even if his brief performance in it was not so great. This is just amazing film making!

Dean C (ru) wrote: I must admit that I watched this on youtube - the extended feature is out later this year and looks simply stunning. The visual style and characterisation in this short is nothing short of amazing. By the looks of the trailer for the "full-length" version, that's been carried over and given a lovely, high-def makeover, yet retaining the grimy, dirty feel of the original short. And it looks damn scary for an animation, too!

p b (ca) wrote: I do occasionally like to watch shitty movies just to get a good laugh, but this is not even laughable.

Jamie B (it) wrote: Amazing film, hilarious and exciting, loved it all the way through the film.

Brad S (ru) wrote: While a lot of it is standard fare we've seen many times before, there a few genuine moments with Rourke that elevates this a tiny bit.